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Marbled Paper Texture Pack by Jane2Audron Marbled Paper Texture Pack by Jane2Audron

EDIT: 6/22/16 - Price has increased to $5 and more images added.


Due to the file size I can not upload it here. This texture pack is available on my gumroad!
If you would like to see some previews of some of the marbles here is a link
300 DPI png scans of various papers I marbled for my Printmaking class but mainly I was experimenting with a new medium.

There are over 150+ pieces(and counting) in this pack, ranging from several different sizes. And all of this is Pay-What-You-Want starting at $5. This pack will also be updated in the future as I go about scanning and creating more marbled paper. So you only have to purchase it once and will continue to get more textures as I go about updating the pack.

The file size is over 1 GB. The images have been separated into five folders because of  what mediums/styles I was using to create the marbled paper:

  • EU- Short for the European style of marbling. Acrylic paints were used.
  • SUMI - Short for the Japanese style of marbling, suminagashi. An acrylic like dye/ink was used.
  • MIXED - I was experimenting with inks and the ‘poor man’s’ method of marbling by using starch and other things in place of carrageenan.
  • OILS - Oil paints were used mixed with the above methods of the MIXED and EU. The oils lead to some odd things happening.
  • MARABU - Testing out another marbling kit that’s a bit odd with how it works. Very vibrant but dries a bit too quickly before paper can be laid down leading to odd but interesting clumping or specks. (I warn you if you decide to by the Marabu marbling products to give them a try, they smell like death)

This digital paper pack is for personal and small business use only; for commercial/200 units or more please contact me for an extended license.
These textures are for use in the creation of artworks, photo-manipulations, collages, and more. Credit to my textures is welcome but not needed. You can sell your created works with my textures as long as you do not claim that the textures are of your own creation.

Also check out my watercolor texture pack also on my gumroad!
sairentohiru Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017
Cool ty you so much work =)
Jane2Audron Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Student General Artist
Thank you!
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January 13, 2017
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