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Lars Cu-viah by Jane2Audron Lars Cu-viah by Jane2Audron
"Hello, Hello there. Names Lars... Cu-viah. What's yours?"

Okay I had some coloring this sketch, getting back into the anatomy groove and what not after doing some practice stuff. Still need to practice, always got to practice.

Anyway this is another Xithzul of mine, Lars Cu-viah. Childhood(and still) best friends with Llussive Man, who he likes to annoy by calling him Llu Llu. Llussive and another friend, Kas, are the reason why half his face looks like it was burned. Childhood accident when they were messing around as kids, permanently messed up his face thus he looks disfigured in all forms(looks like half of his face is missing in his original form).

Veins around that area of his face pulsate and glow blue and white. His energy color is blue with trails of around around his head. He's also a Xithzul/Yithxul hybrid, mother is a Xithzul and father was a Yithzul.

Now Lars is a bit of a doctor, well actually a coroner, he preforms autopsies on various species and animals. He also likes to study animals, he himself owns a Tozoa.[link] His was of speech is a bit long and drawn out, think of an old southern preacher, but who pauses way to much and his voice randomly cuts out. I might post a voice clip of me trying to imitate his voice.

Gotta work on some other things now. Color more sketches.

Lars Cu-viah and art Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
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March 4, 2013
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