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Illust. Proj. 2 - XCOM Samurai Jack(Lines) by Jane2Audron Illust. Proj. 2 - XCOM Samurai Jack(Lines) by Jane2Audron
Cross-posting from my tumblr.
*Engineer noises* YEEEEEEEEEEE!

Inks are done so I want to give you guys a sneak peak! May have a few more things to touch up but officially onto the coloring stage with this and hopefully will be printing by tomorrow night before class Friday.

Assignment ‘A’ was called avatar which was take a character/person/etc. from what ever genre and put them into another genre/time/etc and have two poses for the character; one static pose and one active.

I chose Samurai Jack and decided to throw him into the world of XCOM 2 because I happened to be playing it at time.

Small story I imagine is Aku getting one last F-you just as Jack defeats him(past or Present Aku) and casts him through time but this time he crosses dimensions and ends up in the world of XCOM. He’d probably be solo for the first few years before he befriends the Skirmishers(main inspiration for armor) and then eventually joining up with XCOM. I see him mostly using his sword and various magical artifacts, but would carry a pistol and a few other things but prefers being light.

Should I add a beard? But not the beard of sorrow he has going on in season 5.
XCOM © Fireaxis Games
Samurai Jack © Cartoon Network
Artwork © Jane Audron/Jane2Audron/Lindsey
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