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Hunter Cobra Ref by Jane2Audron Hunter Cobra Ref by Jane2Audron

Quickie ref sheet of my redesigned hunter Cobra that a friend of mine wanted to draw. Still need to work on his jacket. Feel free to draw him if you want! I love to see people draw my characters.

I was also practicing poses and faces when drawing him and still need work on hands and feet. :> I should have drawn him talking to my jockey Akram instead of him growling at Eufala, you should see there grinning contests, they do retarded things together.

So a little back story to Cobra-
Before the infection Cobra was a message runner along side with Malik and Eufala. He and Eufala had a friendly rivalry, but for some reason after he and Eufala became infected, their friendly rival-ship became quite hostile.

Once Cobra become infected he became quite a loner, until he ran into Linx(Me), well he kinda got shot first since he was being hostile to Eufala who was with her, but Linx's stubborn attitude and kindness won him over especially with the help of Akram the jockey's crazy personality. Even though he's met some friendly uninfected and infected, he's still mostly a loner, but does crash and play card games with the other infected(Uncle Leo the charger, Malik, and Akram, them are some serious players :V) that tend to crash with Linx and her friends. Can't be near the boomer Gaz(is a bit thin for a boomer) says they have a smell worse than smoker's and a tank on fire.

He has a pet cobra due to his parents being 1. Rich 2. Practically gave him anything he wanted. His cobra is quite docile and gets along with people and other pet's especially Neira's infected goat.

Scars on his face are from him resisting clawing out his eyes.

Well that was fun to write. More posts of redesigned character's coming soon! I hope. Need to get back to some gifts.

Cobra © Jane Audron
Hunters, and Infected in general ©VALVe
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August 14, 2011
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