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Excalibro! - Sketch by Jane2Audron Excalibro! - Sketch by Jane2Audron
Slowly getting around to posting some of my stuff from my tumblr. Cross-post below.

“Hey Excalibro come over here.” Frost was walking the halls when he noticed his brother on a nearby perch staring off into the void, such a mesmerizing sight. He began to head towards the stairs to meet him halfway

“Hmm?” The familiar voice caught his attention followed by a hiss. He loathed the nickname but would see what he wanted. He left his perch headed down the steps to intercept him.
Just as they met, Excalibur froze when icy finger tips gripped his face and began to tug and push on his face. He quickly realized his mistake.


A chuckle escaped Frost lips before he threw his head back, opening his maw wide, and made a series of odd noises and screeches. “BROOOOOO!” He exclaimed.

Excalibur’s hands twitched and soon began to hiss. Anyone that knew the two knew what would soon follow.The usual shenanigans of brothers.

Finished my Frost and Excalibur sketch, monster frame style. Will eventually color. My Frost is always bothering my Excal. And he’s the only one that can get away with calling him bro and touching him like that with minimal harm. And by minimal harm I mean he gets laid out and a broken horn.

Did some custom tweaking to my frames, Frost has a fur coat, a bit of a different helmet design, and one arm made out of ice, and my Excal has a leg skirt/sash thing besides something else I could not include in the sketch. These two are kinda my main frames and at the same time not in context of the little story above. A little thing I’m working on dealing with some ‘rouge’/repentant Orokin and Tenno that accompany them into the void. Just headcanon lore ideas and the such.

My Frames: Excalibur and Frost and the art ©JaneAudron/jane2Audron
Warframes/Tenno in © DE/Digital Extremes
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September 2, 2016
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