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Encarciconian Senty Bot by Jane2Audron Encarciconian Senty Bot by Jane2Audron
I told you guys. I Told you guys I would post something original of mine. :)
Went with a concept art look, because this randomly popped up in my mind and the rest is a blur. xDDDD

So here's one of my security robots for my planet Encarcicon and the people that live there. This particular security drone leaves a train of seeker drones(little floating dragonfly/butterfly insects) from the black trail it leaves as it floats around it's perimeter. This model is also quite thin due to the metal it is made out of and can slip through the tiniest cracks in a wall. It can attack and defend itself with the black trail it leaves, causing it to become a highly toxic gas or can use it like a smoke screen like how an octopus will use it's ink to escape.

This model of security drone is a high-production, low cost unit, and has very few flaws. It also uses little to no energy since it can use the sunlight, moonlight, and various other things to power itself. They also can speak.

Should I add more? xP

Sentry Bot,Seeker Drones, and artwork Jane2Audron/Jane Audron
Programs: Alias Sketchbook Pro 2011 and Photoshop Elements 6(?)
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December 6, 2010
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