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Cotton Candy Spider by Jane2Audron Cotton Candy Spider by Jane2Audron
Finally got back to working on this and I'm happy with the way it turned out. :) Also spider floating on invisible web. : P

Cotton candy spiders, technically name Nzephaliams, one of my species that exist in a few of my universes. (Plus future adoptables)

Cotton candy spiders are used by/in traders, bazaars, at festivals, to make cotton candy that ranges from a rough texture to silky smooth. The spiders make the best cotton candy when with a good owner that feeds them well and treats them well, with terrible owners you will get a terrible(still a bit good) quality of cotton candy. They are quite social and like to live in colonies of at least 20 of them and do best with others. Only the silk(cotton candy), excreted/spun from their mouths, is sweet, they themselves are not, in fact they are very bitter and it is frowned upon to eat one by many species.

Nzephaliams start out of caterpillar like grubs/larvae(illustrate later) with a neutral gray or white body and flavorless silk, whatever they eat they will slowly become that color, adopt some of the markings from the plant/fruit if it has any, and produce cotton candy that flavor.They molt a few times as they eat and grow bigger and will finally cocoon themselves for their next stage of life to become an adult.

Females release two clutches of eggs ranging from 100 to 500, first clutch released any time they choose to and the second at the end of their lives. . The eggs start out small, but slowly grow bigger and then they hatch into their larvae/grub stage.

They are vegetarians and their diet mainly consists of fruits and various other sweet plants. They also have no natural predators, since none can really stand the bitter taste, but some predators do like to eat their webs.

More info on them later. :)

Cotton Candy Spiders a.k.a. Nzephaliams and art Jane Audron/ Jane2Audron
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May 3, 2012
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