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Art Dump 2 by Jane2Audron Art Dump 2 by Jane2Audron
Well here's an art dump of things I'm currently working on/posted on my tumblr.

Bottom left and up are some of my Xithzul's(except the guy above the Naga-ish Xithzul and Mason). Sketches of Sariif and Llussive in human form, Xithzul, and one of them drunk ;D. Above the one of them drunk is a Xithzul named Mason and the Naga-ish one is Vriit, he's one of the head council along with Sariif. Then have an icon I'm working on for a friend and above that are some rough sketches of some of my vampire species I'm working on.

I entered the 'Sly Cooper Treasure Design Contest' and that's my entry on the bottom right, just follow the link for details [link] The icon right next to it actually one of my Fallout characters Sileos Stone [link] he's not my Vault Dweller. Above my contest entry in the cream colors is one of my alien species call Vlouse, little info about them here [link] Next to the Vlouse is 8-Ball 8U.

Above the Vlouse is my character Claude[link] from 'The Red Silk'(comic I'm working on). Above Claude is my TF2 BLK Sniper Miles Aiden, working on a cool snowy setting pic[link] All those dark gray pics with bright color sketches were done in Corel Painter when I was trying some new, and they all work at the bar called 'Dragon's Den'. Green one is my Fem Turian 'Knuckles' and she's in the pic on the left of her[link] and [link] Orange one is one of the Batarian bartenders, nice fellow[link] Dark red is the Turian disc jockey and light red is 'Cheeks' the Salarian disc Jokey. And I finally did Walker's face paint.

Oi need to finish some things soon and scan a lot of things from my sketchbooks.

All characters, species(unless I said below), and art JaneAudron/Jane2Audron
Turians, Salarians, and Batarians Bioware
Fallout Bethesda
Team Fortress 2 Valve
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