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Aristotle by Jane2Audron Aristotle by Jane2Audron
Hope the colors don't get messed up and I need to stop working with small canvases. >:T Well thinking about it now I didn't know to much about image size back then.

All done in Paint Tool SAI

My character Aristotle, cousin to my main story character Jane Audron, in his somewhat human form releasing toxic gases that are forming into one of his true forms(Beast/Insane). He's pretty chill, looks sleepy most of the time his sub-species usually has darkening under their eyes, he has a calm attitude and usually takes a lot for him to get mad. Close to family and friends, especially his younger cousin Jane he treats her like a younger sister. (More info below about his sub-species)

Before you ask he's not were-wolf or were like creature. Encarciconians may look like them but they are not were-wolves. >8( (Encarciconians look somewhat like various mixes of wild canines(and some domestic) but they are aliens remember)

He's one of my alien species, Encarciconian, but a sub species of the Encarciconian people usually called the Nihedo(Shadow). Nihedo evolve/change from their original form to smoke creatures over a period of time due to the region they colonized on Encarcicon called Nihedrexom Plains(Death Plains) where there name is also derived from. Their bodies also adapted to the highly toxic gas released from the plants, animals, and ground and are not affected by it like most of the other species on Encarcicon. They don't live in the heart of the Nihedrexom, but they are able to release highly toxic gases from various slits on their bodies(example Aristotle). They live in symbioses with some other species that feeds off of the gases that their body releases from time to time.

More info if you want. :D

Aristotle, Jane, Encarcicon, Nihedo, and Nihedrexom Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
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November 2, 2011
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