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Alien No.1: Ejos by Jane2Audron Alien No.1: Ejos by Jane2Audron
Bored, wasn't feeling to good, found some very old lineart of one of my species , fixed it here and there and (lazily) colored it.

Species: Ejos
Planet/Homeworld: One of Encarcicon's five moons.
Diet: Herbivorous (Main diet of fruits, roots, and leaves)
Average Height of Adults(Drones): 7'0 t 8'5 Feet
Average Height of Queen: 25' to 30' Feet
Language: Ejostes. Vocal cords are not developed , they communicate through chirps, body moments, scratches, and a hive mind. (They need translators to speak to other species) Only Queen, Royal 'Drones', and Royal mates seem to be able to learn and understand other languages.
Average Lifespan of Drones: 30 to 45 years
Avergae Lifespan of Queen: 80 to 120 years
Key Features: Hard exoskeleton/carapace, dry and rough exoskeleton/carapace, nodes on legs and pelvis glow and change color with one's mood, four arms and four eyes, slightly bowed legs, vent-like openings on carapace(chest and mid-back area) , Hive mind, able to lift 4x(times) their weight, not visible eyes or teeth. Prefer moderately cool climates.

Tend to be used for cheap labor when robots are not available, in exchange for food and other resources.

And that's all I can remember of this species of mine off the top of my head.

Ejos and art©Jane Audron/Jane2Audron
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March 15, 2012
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