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A Sharp Smile by Jane2Audron A Sharp Smile by Jane2Audron
Another post form tumblr~

“Oh why has my “suit” disappeared?” A soft chuckle escaped his lips. “Well only part of it has been retracted and I bet you’re wondering why “Llussive’s teeth have become ‘millions of teeth’ and why the radiation detectors are going mad?” 

The silver haired Xithzul  buried his face in his palm, slowly spiraling into a mad cackle. “Well let’s just say you really know how to tick a man off. Really know how to. I usually don’t do this.” Parts of his skin began to turn black and split open showing the purple energy within. “I usually would cancel the business trade right now, but something about you folks has me just wanting to shed my skin, shift to my natural state, and irradiate the lot of you.”

“Just something.”

Well it took 10 years in the making, not really, but finally finished the repaint of a repaint, which finally turned into me just redrawing everything and then painting it. Very pleased with how it turned out.

Here’s Llussive pulling off what he has dubbed “millions of teeth”(more teeth when mouth is open. Lots of teeth) when he’s really ticked off or just wants to scare/prank someone. In this case he’s ticked off and halfway on his way back to shifting into his natural state which would kill the (un)lucky people that have ticked him off since Xithzul’s are on the very high energy being spectrum.

Lussive, Xithzuls, and art © Jane2Audorn/Jane Audorn

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