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The Days Of Our Life Today...

I feel empty inside my head for the words left un-said now it can be told of the missing time that remain between the cracks left by the shadows slowly fading upon darken walls long ago before most of you was missed this is true only a handful of you remember the old days of memories that are in total rewind slowing down to drink the wine that was then...this is now am counting the days of old until there is no more what then will I become? is this my swan song or shall I remain in place should I get up again and dance once more what do you say my friends! By `caddman (https://www.deviantart.com/caddman) My dear friends, I presume this is the last journal in our de


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Orange Top

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Souriceaux bleuets papillons marguerites

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This is the end... of pictober 2018!

This is the end, the only end, my friend! Pictober 2018 is finished! I'm so sad!!!!! Pictober 2018 est fini! Je suis si triste!!!!!! All features from this pictober 2018 Day 01   Day 02   Day 03 Day 04   Day 05   Day 06 Day 07   Day 08   Day 09 Day 10   Day 11   Day 12 Day 13   Day 14   Day 15 Day 16   Day 17   Day 18 Day 19   Day 20   Day 21 Day 22   Day 23   Day 24 Day 25   Day 26   Day 27 Day 28   Day 29   Day 30 Day 31 Apologizes Sorry if i didn't included you in featuring, or if I missed one of your work! I didn't included all artworks each days. You can find them all here: #pictober2018 https://www.


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Autumn Memories


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Anatomie sans climatisation

C'est la clavicule j'ai les cuisses cuites vivement que l'épaule nord apporte un peu de frais je réclame mes indemnes nuitées Kloubtz


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Limonada De Coco

food and drink

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Souriceaux bleuets papillons marguerites

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Gallery Management and Additional Updates

Since the launch of the new DeviantArt, we're continuing to develop and release more and more features to further improve your experience on the site. Check out our latest updates: Drag-and-drop for Galleries and Collections Reordering your Galleries and Collections have just gotten easier! Now you can organize your Galleries and Collections with drag-and-drop. You can also sort the order of the deviations within each unique Gallery or Collection with drag-and-drop as well! Custom Gallery Cover Images You can now upload a custom cover image to your Galleries! Personalize your Gallery to match your aesthetic with unique covers that do not have to be an existing deviation or Sta.sh file. Block on Profile We have now added the ability to “block user” directly from the Profile in our continued efforts of making moderation more accessible and efficient. More to Come! There’s lots more updates coming soon, and we look forward to sharing them with you! Please continue sharing your


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Pan Fried and Steamed Dumplings


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The Gardener And A Snake.

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urbain rural aesthetic

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12 Days of Features - #12

This year, communityrelations (https://www.deviantart.com/communityrelations) is hosting another round of 12 Days of Features and we're participating! For the twelfth day of features, we give to you... A Few Of Our Favorite Things


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Zodiac Cat - Aquarius


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Jacob's Ladder - Independence under Corona 2020


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Aniversario de Tu partida al Cielo Mamita

Un Año sin Ti Mamita Hermosa...!!! Una triste despedida con lágrimas de Amor Eterno. Te fuiste mi Alfonsina vestida de Mar… Lágrimas que humedecieron la blanda arena Donde te despedimos para no volver más. Cinco sirenitas te acompañaron, Entre lágrimas y dolor Cinco angelitos te recibieron Con todo su Amor… Entre el Mar y el Cielo, no hay gran distancia. Porque aún yo siento tu rica fragancia. Y se que un gran día llena de Esperanza Me darás ese abrazo que tanto me falta. Y, otra vez unidas como Alamas gemelas, Ya no habrá tristezas, ya no habrá dolor. Cantaremos juntas ll


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Carnaval Bayonne 2020 9


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monthly wall calendar 2020

calendrier 2019 2020

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Wonderful decoration with flowers

scene arrangement

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Cronache dal Grande Show

Black and white

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To My Friends + Watchers!

To My Friends & Watchers-PLEASE READ! I contemplated on writing this journal, but thought that if I could help just one person, it would be worth sharing what I have to say. On Wednesday, March 25th, I had to do some regular food shopping. Rumors were spreading around that my city, Columbia, South Carolina, USA, would go on lockdown, so I decided that I would get two weeks worth of food just in case a lockdown was put into order. I had to go to 5 different grocery stores just to find the food I like to eat. All the stores were jammed packed with people. Customers, nor cashiers were wearing any gloves or mask, including myself. I also ha


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Last Moments

surreel abstrait

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