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It's not nothing, to finish a painting. It's a moment of bliss, one very tiny comparing to the time spent working. I've experienced four of such moments this week, nothing motivates better than to accomplish something. Apart from that, I really enjoyed writing another feature for you. I've picked 3 more artists, to me very different, unique and worth respect.

Another thought of mine was about making first steps. I can hardly remember something ever coming to me on it's own, or to find a chocolate in my pocket just like that. People often complain about being unlucky, but I know that lucky people are very rare. The rest can chose to either keep on waiting, or go for it (:

Make a first step towards something you dream about, today.

Enjoy the feature and the weekend:heart:

:thumbsup: seaspell PATRICIA ARIEL / United States

Artworks of many faces, shapes, colors and sizes can be found in Patricia's gallery. Even when you think that there is no way butterflies, flowers and birds could be added to a portrait composition without creating a cliche, her work will prove you wrong. Same subject, different way of thinking. She often works with gouache, watercolor and pencils.

Pandora by seaspell Serpentarium by seaspell
The Peacock by seaspell

Mature Content

The Zodiaque Series: Scorpio by seaspell

:thumbsup: yag65 YAKOVLEV ANDREY / Russia

Traditionally exceptional artworks of this Russian artist will take your breath away with a very high probability. I dare to believe his light-full and delicate landscapes would open soul of the most obdurate human being.  Forget trendy and spend a few minutes diving into the world as he sees it.

451 by yag65 398 by yag65
258 by yag65 430 by yag65

:thumbsup: faQy FAQUARL  / Czech Republic

Playful and inventive illustrations of Faquarl might just bring smile on the face of every family member. Alice in wonderland, Lord of the Rings and more stories illustrated once again by someone special's hand. Don't miss out on her gallery either.

vinobrani by faQy Boromir and hobbits by faQy
Esme and Nanny by faQy fast food by faQy

☛ What's new

:thumbsup: Even though the topic is not happy, art theft is a serious problem. These days, DeviantArt  pays special attention to issue by releasing a lot of information, one of the articles you should read is Art Theft And Hot Linking With WDWParksGal by TheFantaSim and Hot-Linking, Reporting Art Theft and Groups! by WDWParksGal-Stock

:thumbsup: Do you need help with CSS? CSS Did You Know? - Introduction by bradleysays is the place to start searching for help (:

:thumbsup: Looking for a group that would love you to pieces? dAWishingWell is one to strongly consider! Don't forget to look over their regular Wonderful Wednesday and You features by JamminJo, in which you can participate by introducing your friends or artist idols!

:thumbsup: Lastly, here is 9 Reasons to PAINT WITH WATERCOLOR, pick up a brush and try it out :heart:

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I'm watching Seaspell now, thanks!