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Saturday evening, who's got nothing better to do than sit for two hours and write a feature - me! And proud of it! Well, getting inspired is as much of a part of my job than painting and besides, I love getting inspired. But isn't it a little selfish, getting inspired all alone? That's why my better half spoken up and made me to bring another 3 extraordinary artist's to your attention - and more! Scroll to the bottom of this journal for some (I promise, just a few) tips (:

P(M)S: This is suppose to be my diary, so I will complain heavily about my bad day and than erase it!

Enjoy :heart:

:thumbsup: nidhaladn NIDHAL CHAMEKH / France

Stunning, often semi-colored mixture of drawing & painting elements. His pieces posses nearly animal ardency and freedom. I find use of various elements in his figurative styling procreative - definitely a big inspiration.


:thumbsup: iphigen ANGIE IVER / Germany

Iphigen's illustrations feel like from a different planet. I get captivated by every aspect: rigorous line work, simple but not vague coloring, mood of the figures. I get strongly attracted to the "drama" that her characters are often trapped with, as if it all happens shortly before the storm arrives. In my opinion, this is a gallery to visit.


:thumbsup: zzen ZUZANA ZEN / Slovakia

If your day is so black & white and you just can't figure out what to do about it, visit Zuzana's gallery. It's full of (water)color and interesting fantasies, taking place in a dream or reality (depends on how you look at it). Artworks to be found in there are worth a stop (:

Statues by zzen Street in Bratislava 2 by zzen
Kosice Dream by zzen Do Not Wake Up From A Dream by zzen

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:thumbsup:   Traditionalists & Sense-Create-lnspire are two groups to consider joining / watching is your interest trips around traditional art.

:icontraditionalists: :iconsense-create-lnspire:

:thumbsup: Getting ready to write a tutorial? 10 Tips for Tutorial Writing by Aeirmid might help you towards perfection.

:thumbsup: Looking for even more inspiration? Watch deshrubber's Traditional Tuesday's and Astralseed's regular ProjectPorkchop, in which they bring more excellent deviants to your attention on weekly basis.

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Nice selections, and thanks for mentioning my news letter!