Diary of Jane #2

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Another feature journal creeping at you! Again, I've picked three of my favorite artists to bring to your attention, six of their works along with a few words from my point of view. But don't miss out on 3 journals in the bottom of this article, they will point you at one exciting new group, one fabulous interview and a "How to feature" encouraging tutorial that you shouldn't miss. Obviously, 3 is a lucky number!

Enjoy :heart:

:thumbsup: ART-BY-DOC DANNY O'CONNOR / United Kingdom

Danny's work is one of a kind. Binding abstract elements with realistic features and engaging them in one harmonious composition is one of many interesting aspects. Mostly, he paints on canvas using acrylic and spray paint.

Where There's A Will There's A Way by ART-BY-DOC To The Wire by ART-BY-DOC
The Biscuit Dunker by ART-BY-DOC Figurative Study On Paper by ART-BY-DOC

:thumbsup: PoupeedeChair PAULINA AUBEY / France

Dry media has never caught my eye this instant before. Poupee's portraits have quite a few context layers, often contain a "black" particle but remain rather charming than scary.


:thumbsup: PEHDTSCKJMBA Catherine Hennessey / Canada

Emotional (mostly) watercolor that shows a great deal of imagination. One of the most poetic artist's I've seen and definitely my favorite.

In Tune ii by PEHDTSCKJMBA:bigthumb318556032:

☛ What's new

:thumbsup: Traditionalists is a new group project formed by Traditional art CV's. Everyone and mainly traditional artists are welcome to join and participate in group's development - click HERE for more information.

:thumbsup: Interview with a remarkable Italian artist Silvia Pelissero, mostly known as agnes-cecile, brought to you by Lintu47 is something very interesting to read.

:thumbsup: Art Features and the Art of Featuring by ValaSedai - How to feature, what to feature and mainly WHY to feature. A journal about spreading positive spirit that spreads positive spirit around (not only) DA community.

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Wow, thank you so much! It's an honor :heart: