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:bulletpurple: UPDATE: Deviant portraiture will be running on monthly basis from now on. Those of you that wish for a portrait by me AND have the 5 critiques rule accomplished, please also COMMENT on this journal, since some favs are 9 months old (:

Dear deviants,

this is a permanent event I'm running since April 2012 on (more-less) weekly basis. I pick one deviant (following the rules of this journal) and I make a portrait for them that is free of charge. If you are interested to join this project, read the rules below (:



:bulletblue:  :+fav: this journal

:bulletblue: write at least 5 critiques (on other artist's work (any artist), latest one at most one month old). If you don't know how to write a critique, here is DeviantArt help: FAQ What is the Critique Feature and how do I use it

:bulletblue: :+devwatch: me if you haven't

:bulletblue: if you use :facebook:, please support my page (if you don't use FB, ignore this step)


Please note that:

:bulletred:Winners of every week's round will receive digital version of their portrait in high resolution uploaded by me here on DA. I will notify you with link to the deviation, you can download it, print it, use for personal purposes such as FB profile picture etc, but when re-uploading please credit me. I forbid use of my works for commercial purposes.

:bulletred:If you want the original of your portrait, NOTE ME! I will send it via mail if you cover shipping + packing expenses. I ship worldwide and shipping + packing cost of this size of artwork is usually up to 5.5€ / 7$ and it takes 3-5 working days to ship within Europe Union, 5-10 working days USA, Canada. Standard size of this kind of portrait is usually 21 x 21 cm or 21 x 29 cm and paper used is 230g smooth artist watercolor paper .

:bulletred:If you don't claim the original portrait to be shipped to you within 2 weeks from publishing it here on DA, I will suit myself to do whatever I decide with the painting, probably give it to my friends or put in online auction.


I will randomly pick one of you every week and notify you (:


Portrait of deviant: Heavy sky by jane-beata:bigthumb310431296:
Portrait of deviant: Diva, Speed painting video by jane-beata:bigthumb317698557:
:bigthumb325482244::bigthumb329436136: Portrait of deviant: Secret sunrise by jane-beata
Devious Garlic Fairy by jane-beata:bigthumb342784234:

SPEED PAINTING VIDEO of "Diva" portrait's realization

journal skin by STelari
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SAVALISTE's avatar
is this still going on?
jane-beata's avatar
No, not since like a year ago :)
Natalia-Luz's avatar
My latest critique is a bit older than a month :ohnoes:
Mirz123's avatar
Still a lovely project.
Natalia-Luz's avatar
I can participate now :la:
It's really fun to write critiques
Moonstar10's avatar
This is so nice of you, you're amazing.
petite-beaute's avatar
i would love to win a portrait to give to my sister for my birthday :D
YorukoChikokoro's avatar
I would love to have a portrait :3 I have written 5 critiques...
Natalia-Luz's avatar
I always say I'll try to participate, but I never do :XD:
Need to write some critiques :D
Sharkana's avatar
That's a fantastic idea, I'll be watching you for sure :D!
JamminJo's avatar
Fantastic community spirit :#1:
DreamsofToday's avatar
Yes! Got the critiques done. My fingers are crossed.... Your work is so beautiful, and it's so kind of you to do this project!
jane-beata's avatar
Thank you kindly for participating, besides the event, I'm sure you've helped someone with your feedback :)
katr14's avatar
I would love you to make a portrait :) I have written DA critiques now, besides the group critiques I write at #Rainbow-4all-Club as well :)
jane-beata's avatar
Lovely, keep up the good work and good luck on next Monday (:
katr14's avatar
Thank you!.

You may have a wonderfull day!
ChelseaHantken's avatar
This is the coolest project ever! I've done it all but the crits, I'll get on them tomorrow and update this comment :) ooh fingers crossed, I love your work ever since I saw your YouTube video I've been nuts about watercolors. :la:
jane-beata's avatar
So great to hear :huggle:
YorukoChikokoro's avatar
I will get the critiques done when I can :3
jane-beata's avatar
YorukoChikokoro's avatar
5 critiques done :3 I'm just sitting here bored in my English class so I decided to do it lol
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