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Watercolor eyes in flesh tone tutorial


✿ watercolor paper block (tip: if you don't work on block and use only paper, stretch it, otherwise it will curl. More tips > WATERCOLOR PAPER GUIDE)

brushes: no.10 & no. 4 round sable (used for most of the painting), no. 2/0 (I didn't use pen during this painting, I tried not to rely on anything but this last brush when working on details)

watercolors (I used liquid watercolor Ecoline for this painting)

white ink for details

For more tips on materials, see detailed articles written for %projecteducate
Artist's Toolbox: WATERCOLOR EQUIPMENT II, Additional Tools

Any further questions I will gladly answer, please let me know if this tutorial needs corrections or is not comprehensive enough.

▲ Please note that this might not be the most perfect or proper way of how to approach watercolor painting, it is merely an explanation how I worked.


For painting videos see my YouTube channel

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Will be giving this a try! Thanks!
Lovely-Bacar's avatar
Very nice tutorial
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Thank you for seeing this :)
Thank-you for this, always interesting to see how another artist works. Also makes me realize how ass backward I do things. :)
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Haha, you sure know there is no correct way to do stuff, it could have been done by many other ways, at the moment I work from larger more transparent layers to adding details at the end. It's fun trying new things though :)
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Hello! I used you tutorial for a painting that I just completed, and I wanted to thank you so much for posting this! Lily Thank you 

If you would like to see my painting, here you go :D
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wow thank you so much <3 
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I've always wanted to officially start painting in some way, but now after seeing this tutorial, I can now properly execute a real painting with these tips, thanks for the tutorial, it really helped me a lot, in my journey to create actual paintings. :)
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I'm glad to hear that, best of luck :)
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I've never painted before, especially in watercolor, so it'll definitely be a new experience, and thanks. :)
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Thank you for this! I wanted to start waters colors again and this is perfect! :love:
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You're welcome and good luck trying them out :)
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Realistic Photoshop CS6 Watercolor & Paint Brushes
These are real brushes not just pictures, actual brushes with sensibility (if you use a graphic tablet) There are 130+ brushes. Enjoy.…
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That's awesome! Thank you!Mabelpines 
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I want to try this! Thanks for the tutorial!
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You're welcome - enjoy :)
I love your work...Inspiring.
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Very helpful ! Thanks !
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Awesome, my friend!
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Such attention to detail. I noticed the blood vessels in the eye ball. 
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