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Watercolor Autumn Portrait Tutorial

Promised tutorial about realization of "Autumn" painting. This was so far the most time consuming tutorial to write, I really hope it helps. Enjoy (:
I gifted the original painting to my dear friend `SRaffa :heart:

:bulletpurple:Please note that this might not be the most perfect or proper way of how to approach watercolor painting, it is merely an explanation how I worked.

Your comments, feedback, tips, questions are welcome :heart:

▲ final work:


For painting videos see my YouTube channel

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Love this tutorial, thanks!!
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Wow I honestly cannot thank you enough for this watercolor tutorial! It's very well done! :) I've been sketching portraits my whole life but have only just gotten into using watercolor and I'm in love but I feel I need a few tips! I have been wanting to paint for like a year now and struggled to find real inspiration.. This tutorial along with all of your other amazing work has seriously inspired me big time. Thank you so much! <3
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I love you for your tutorials, you must be a really nice person. Thank you Hug 
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Thanks so much for sharing this! I am trying to learn watercolor after years of working with oils and acrylics. Having a really rough time! I'm sure this will be a big help!
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I hope it will :)
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Fantastic! Thanks for the insight :)
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Great to see the origins of what's become an old friend of mine! :iconiloveit-plz:
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The painting couldn't be happier to call itself yours :heart:
zidaria's avatar
Wonderful art and beautiful tutorial! I love how you designed this tutorial! :heart:
jane-beata's avatar
NatalieZart's avatar
Stunning piece and a great, very clear and easy to understand article. Thank you so much for creating and sharing it!
jane-beata's avatar
My pleasure, thank you for taking a look :)
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I love your work, so this is awesome. What or how do you usually mount your finished work? Framed? Leave it natural?
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Thank you. Usually I frame my work behind glass for exhibitions but if I'm selling it abroad, I leave it natural due to transport, the buyer than frames it himself.
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Thank you for taking the time. Its a beautiful painting. 
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Hi..thank you for the tutorial..i paint as a hobby and am a big fan of your artwork :)I tried painting a portrait of my friend using the technique in your timebomb speed portrait video..i find it difficult toget the diffused texture for the background...and also i find that the paper absorbs the color too do i correct these?
jane-beata's avatar
With textures it's tricky, you can never get it exactly as you wish, there is a huge "accident factor" there - but once you spend certain time playing with watercolor washes, you will be able to control the final look up to a great extent. It's the amount of water you use and how you soften the edge of each wash that effects how it dries and how the pigment is distributed in the end.

As for paper absorbing color quickly, I'm not sure if you use the right kind. Some papers are more thirsty than others, my portrait was done on a very smooth and relative thin paper (230g) that requires only a thin wash to create quite a nicely looking transparent texture.
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Thank you for sharing!
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Just so you know, this is one of the best watercolour tutorials I've ever come across! Thank you so much! This is very helpful for a watercolour beginner like me!
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Your wonderful tutorial has been featured here
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