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WHITE GEL PEN tips and tricks

Something to link to everyone who was ever asking about "those white lines", but I believe tutorial contains tips for even more experienced "white-liners". Enjoy (:

Comment please - your feedback, tips, questions are very welcome :heart:

Tutorials take a LOT of time to prepare, therefore your :+fav: is double appreciated :frail:

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Thank you for making this! Ever since I got mine, I've been thinking I bought the wrong brand because I have to be so careful to get a consistent white line. I am so glad/relieved that you mention right at the beginning that skips and inconsistency will most likely happen with any!

I will definitely be trying some of those alternatives.
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Thank you so much
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Really helpful! Wanted to try this out today, and I remembered your artwork. Then I found this well made tutorial!
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Thank, You for this tutorial :)
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This was very in depth and a very good tutorial on white gel pens! I've been meaning to get some for some time, I believe I may find this useful in the future, thank you!!!
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Thank you for looking :heart:
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I have heard so much about whether it is right to use white or not in watercolour but I don't think it really matters. Art is what you make of it. I'm a newbie on Deviantart and I enjoy following you so much. Your tutorials have made me a lot more confident not just in following your directions but also to have a go at my own art. As you say, your tutorials take a lot of time to prepare, I for one appreciate all the effort that you and others got through to make art easier for others. And for that I thank you very much ♥
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Thank you very much for your encouraging comment, means a lot when I know I'm not making it in vain.

Wish you a lot of inspiration (:
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Do you ever use Gouache? I find it works really well for both paintings and drawings ^^
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I've heard artists saying all the good things about gouaches, but personally I didn't get to try it out yet. The first decision was between white ink and gouache and I chose the permanent opaque ink, ever since I didn't need to look for alternatives, it's perfectly suitable for both hard and fluid media (:
Pandannabelle's avatar
Sounds like a good alternative :) We don't have inks here however, so I have to stick to gouache. Thanks for the reply :)
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brilliant, i alwasy thought my gel pens were a bit dodgey, think you just inspired a bit of confidence in me (but maybe not enough to upload any of my watercolours with white gel pen ....truely dodgey!) many thanks, great as always!
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Glad it helps, keep on practicing (: Yes those pens get very annoying :(
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I sometimes use a (white) corrector for lining my paintings, and it works, and is very visible. :)
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Very nice tutorial, I especially liked the materials comparison at the end.
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Great tutorial! This gives me plenty of ideas as I have never used white gel pens or even knew about them!
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Happy to help (:
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Awesome tutorial. I love all the tips :D
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It does very much :heart:
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