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Traveler (speed painting)



(video can also be seen on Google+, if you are having troubles with YouTube: [link])


:painter: Mixed media (watercolor, ink, acrylic, liners, pencil, acrylic spray) on 300 g NOT Fabriano paper, 21 x 29 cm, July 2012

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Aug 6, 2012, 2:51:57 PM
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First I would like to say, to anyone who has not watched the video of this speed painting, it's amazing and very fun to watch! It starts out as a very realistic looking portrait, but about halfway through it really becomes completely different, with all the textures and a variety of media.
Thank you so much for making the video.
Three aspects of the painting that make it so beautiful:
1. The expression on her face; it is so calm and knowing. There is a lot of depth to the eyes that make it very emotional.
2. The different media and textures; this makes it interesting, I could not get tired of looking at all the different techniques that were used.
3. The choice of colors; black and white in this case is so powerful. Also some light blue - or is that my imagination?
And three things that I think could be better:
1. In the video, it started out with very dark shading in the crease of the eyelids and curving up to the eyebrows, but later white acrylic was added over that area. I think that may have taken away some the depth of the eyes. If it had stayed darker, the eyes would be more the focus.
2. There is acrylic spray on two areas: one of the cheeks, that looks very nice, and one on the forehead. I think the one on the forehead should not be such a straight line, because it adds too much harshness to the face. Because of this it is difficult to appreciate the nice curve of the woman's right eyebrow; it is drowned out by the spray. Or even if the spray were not so dark in that area, it would help.
3. This one is not so important, but still, the nose does not match the mouth. Both are well proportioned on their own, but the mouth looks like a front view while the nose is slightly angled view. But maybe the meaning of this was to add a small imperfection to the face, to make it more realistic.
I am always nervous when I critique art that is more advanced than mine, I hope this was helpful.
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First of all, thank you very much for the time and a thoughtful critique, I appreciate the effort and help.

You are right about a lot of things you are commenting on, I am not satisfied with the way eyes and nose went in this piece. However, it has a magic of its own, the piece was a complete improvisation and those aren't perfect. It still achieved way more attention that I was ever hoping for :heart:

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As long as you're being honest, there's no need to be nervous on whatever you're critiquing.
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love the watery very faint blue glassy ness in the eye next to all the grey 
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I bet a bit of that amazing texture is lost in the photographing, but it's still so amazing and perfect. I want to touch it! Lol.... This is why I can't go to museums without supervision 😄
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Great textures! 
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I am flashed by your artworks, this is amazing! <3
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Wonderful drawing and video!:#1:

Your work has been featured in our speed-drawing gallery!


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Thank you very much :heart:
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Your art is amazing!!!
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absolutely amazing, love the texture and expression...!!!!!!
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I posted this on the video but thought you might check dA more often~ Did you know pretty much what you were going for with this before you started? Or was the spray, the straight white lines, all those extras on top of the figure... were those improvisations/spontaneous decisions as you went?

p.s. I've been following you for awhile and this is my favorite of your pieces :worship:
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Thank you very much for your support (: As for the painting, it was an improvisation, and a very fun one :frail:
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I am SO impressed with that, and I really mean that in a very big, personal way, because most of the time when I try to just go crazy and improvise something, it looks... really bad =P Cheers to you :clap:
This is so beautiful! Is this watercolor?
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Oh my god, your work is stunning!
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I'm not too sure why, but this is probably one of my favourites from you!
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LOVE the layering! Such a gorgeous piece :heart: :clap:
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