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Simple watercolor tutorial: Eye study

This is a watercolor tutorial focused on painting a single eye step by step (as requested). I explained what exact materials and tools I used for this painting. If you have any questions, suggestions or this tutorial isn't comprehensive enough / missing anything important, comment here or note me - I will gladly answer and help you as much as I can to make this kind of technique comprehensive for aspiring watercolorists.

Please note that this might not be the most perfect or proper way of how to approach watercolor painting, it is merely an explanation how I worked.

:bulletblack:Final painting (it's two versions):
Forgotten (version a) by jane-beataForgotten (version b) by jane-beata


For painting videos see my YouTube channel

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Wonderful! This was very helpful and contained more comprehensive material than your last tutorial. Unlike the last tutorial which only showed photo step by step, the commentary was very helpful in explaining exactly what you did between steps. The tutorial showing only the photos step by step was helpful in seeing the process but some of the steps in between were confusing on what exactly you did. This was a much better improvement in showing speficially what details you did with the eye and hilighted the important aspects and also pointed out steps that we may have missed or overlooked with the last tutorial. I like how you showed what exact materials you used for each step, that solves a lot of unanswered questions and shows us exactly what you used so we can use either the same or similiar materials. This is a much better version, thanks for the tutorial. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Thank you for your critique and you are welcome, I'm glad if it helps :)
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your welcome :D, I'll be sure to use it someday
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This is really very helpful, thanks!
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Excellent tutorial. It is far advanced for my feeble painting skills, but very well done.
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Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!
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Aaah, ecoline 411... I just love that color.

Very useful. It's interresting how you use both watercolor and ecoline in the same picture.
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Very interresting. I never dare use ecoline and watercolors together, believing they wouldn't mix well but I'll try this tchnique when painting next time!
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thank you, this is so helpful!
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Nice!  Thanks for sharing what material you use, I am always mystified as to the best paper/paint/ink/colors to try :)
I am looking forward to get more tutorials from you. Painting eye is the trickiest part that can make or ruin your painting. It requires patience and detailed work. Here's a tutorial that I found helpful as well -…
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thanks for the tutorial. :)
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Sweet easel. Danke schon for tutorials :)
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:wave: This is a great tutorial. Ironically, I have a similar watercolor but not as realistic I am working on. I began working on it because I had originally use a mini spray bottle to experiment with laying down some watercolors. I look at again some months later at an angle and the way two areas of paint where on it look like eyes so I began working on it as an expressionist piece knowing it may not come out exactly like an eye study. I call it, "Working Splash of Color". I will shoot a link of my WIP.

Could you tell what brand of white gel pen you use? I have been having a lot of trouble finding a good one. :(I have some some paint pens and others but had to return them or throw them out because they did not work or would not show up (thin paint).
This is a great tutorial!! I love the way the colors don't perfectly blend together, you see the outline of each color which I think is beautiful. I have a few questions on your process as well. When you paint do you put the canvas flat on a table or vertical against a wall/ aisle? And when you paint do you continuously add washes of paint to the desired area? I'm curious to know how you get this effect in your portraits ^^
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When painting with watercolor, I mostly work on my desk. Layering depends on what I'm painting but mostly I put new layers on top of dried old layers (wet on dry).
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Do you know where I can get ecoline inks online in the UK? or an alternative? cant seem to find them anywhere :(
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Sorry but I know no alternatives to Ecoline whatsoever and really no idea about UK, try browsing, perhaps on e-Bay someone is selling or
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i love you eyes there amazingand where do you get those materials
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Very Helpful,Thank You :)
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Ahoj, prepáč, že ťa otravujem, ale chcela by som sa opýtať, kde kupuješ biele gélové pero. Ja som obehla asi všetky papierníctva v Bratislave, Poprade a Kežmarku a nikde o ňom nepočuli. A na nete som takisto nič nenašla... Vopred ďakujem za odpoveď :)
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Ja zijem v Prahe a nakupujem tu v Zlatej Lodi, skus sa v BA pozriet do DaVinciho alebo Kohinooru v Auparku, tam urcite maju.
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Super, zajtra tam určite skočím. Ďakujem za tip :)
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