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Self portrait

My commentary is needed (people noting me) so here it is: I am tired of plain and predictable beauty and I think there are less than few things beautiful about me, I do have a creepy gaze and lots of dark thoughts on my mind. I think this self portrait expresses just how I feel today.

:painter: watercolor & pen, 250 g artist paper, 21 x 21 cm, Jun 2012


For painting videos see my YouTube channel

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This is an interesting picture especially after reading the artist's statement. i like the use of minimal colours except for the face and background. Why is the background red and is it related to the splatters on the shoulder? Red is often associated with anger and blood, so just how dark are those inner thoughts.

I really like that facial expression, it is so very human. It looks relaxed, almost smiling but the eyes aren't smiling. For me the look has more of a "you've attracted my attention. You really shouldn't have done that and you really don't want to know what I'm thinking about."

For someone trying to show a darker side this is very well done. So sweet, so innocent, so predatory!
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Predatory is quite the word for this, thanks for using it, but to clarify - any blood lust implied would be purely metaphorical.

Thank you for your critique, Jem.
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Itwas lots of fun to right. Next time you see a big cat lounging in a zoo, staring at you, think of that look.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
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This is great. The artist has developed a unique style of her own, and I like it.

The hair that covers half of her face adds together with the secretive eyes to a light and mysterious atmosphere. Well done.

The colours are bold and greatly used. However, I find them too bold right under her nose and around the mouth. The bluish colours draw attention to them and makes her look unhealthy and ill. But still that's my oppinion, and they do somehow still blend in in this piece.

The anatomy is great, and I especially love the curve of her back and the eyes. The smiling eyes are drawn so they look directly at one, and I love it when that succeeds, well done ^^
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Thank you for your critique, it's much appreciated. As for the criticism part, the creepy look was a purpose, I like it :)
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you're welcome ^^
well, if it was a purpose with the creepyness, you've succeeded ^^
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OK, I'm not allowed to "Critique", but I find myself with a thing or three that wants saying here...


yes, this alluring young Lady (no offense, Jane!) expresses a creepiness, a darkness,
a HIGH level of unpredictability, and unless I'm very wrong, a certain disdain
for even the slightest notion of analysis from any conventional point of view,
let alone from "on high"…

by this I mean to say that the facial expression seems to convey (to me, at least) a certain amount
of impatience with the scrutiny of the viewer (this draws ME in personally, so i consider it a GOOD thing)…
I may be projecting here; I dislike being looked at merely for my appearance or activities at the moment…

now, even if I've missed the point of the attitude displayed, I know for a certainty that
ANY functional conveyance of emotion is a difficult thing to develop from a blank canvas)...

Altogether, i'd say this piece represents many of the primary reasons i watch your art, Jane,
even if i cannot express them well in return...

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That was a very interesting read, thank you for such in-depth comment, I really appreciate :)
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love the piece (creepy gaze and all)
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love it! well done!
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such a beautiful work!!
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I love the contrast between the warm colors and the cool blues eyes.  It makes the eyes become a focal point, at which point the audience realizes that you are looking directly at it.  It does give me the impression that you just had a brilliant idea that you aren't about to share - at least not yet. Hmm. Evil plotting in progress.  Great self-portrait and well done.  Hug 
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dark thoughts look lovely on you!
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juuuu to je bozi!!:)
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Nice work! We featured this on our blog: [link]
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Thank you, lovely feature.
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Welcome! You can dd us to your watchlist to stay updated on more blog features. :)Thanks!
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This is so beautiful, I love the meaning behind it! You deserve an exhibition.
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can you please tell me if you scan this or took a picture of it ?
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I don't have a scanner, I always photograph my paintings, I am convinced that a good camera produces much better image of what the painting looks like in real than any scanner.
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hahah I thought so , because this picture has a great quallity , and I know that scanners suck.
You are lucky to have a good camera and this amazing talent , I admire your work :D
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Thank you, I appreciate the support very much. (:
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Not only I find it interesting, well painted and inspired.

I'd also love this on my walls
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