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Portrait of a fighter

The title might sound just scary, but what I meant is that this is a portrait of my best friend (many many many years back), who is not only very supportive and admirable person but also a wonderful mother of two handsome boys. She is a real fighter, even without a sword!

:painter: watercolor & pen, 250 g artist paper, 21 x 21 cm, Jun 2012


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40 mm
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Aug 11, 2012, 4:24:23 PM
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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I love this piece. The title suits it well, you can tell by the determination in the eyes that this is indeed a Fighter.

The looseness of the strokes around the face contrast the more precise, detailed lines of the centre well. The white highlights on the lashes bring details out nicely that would have otherwise been lost in the shadows.

The bold colours also help the mood of this piece, and I love the way they are mingled with the soft skin tones.

I also love the white lines drawn on the image, which are well-placed, and add not only to the style of the work, but to its originality.

Overall, a beautifully executed piece.
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Thank you very much for your critique, it's appreciated (:

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
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What I find really interesting in this piece is that you didn't really define the hair and used color and abstract techniques to create the hair around her. Or am I mistaken and those colors aren't hair? Mmmm, anyways, I still find this concept interesting even if I didn't guess this right.
I really like the theme of dark colors that surround her face and the dark colors that are used for her face. The eyes that are not smiling and colors tell me that maybe there's something dark going on. It dosen't look really happy for her. The overall piece feels like there's a dark storm that is raging maybe inside of her and coming from her? Maybe there's something going on pyschologically or she's experiencing something dark and deep inside, I don't know.
This piece is simply beautiful, the colors and dark theme really make it feel like there's something stormy going on. The dark abstactness around her feels like storm clouds and the swirl on top feels like lightning.
Mmmmmm, this dosen't really feel like a critique, It just feels like my interpretation of it. Sorry if you didn't find this helpful, it's abstact so I don't really know how to improve this one.
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Thank you very much for your critique dear. Personally, I love this piece the most of all my portraits so far, and yes the colors are suppose to suggest hair but given the half abstract composition, physical description of this person matters only enough to be able to recognize it's her, the rest was suppose to be about her character.

What can I say, she is a fighter, mother of two kids and unbelievable person, one of my best friends. I think this painting says quite well how I feel about her.


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Your welcome :)
Wow, I can really see her character from the painting! It's amazing to see you represent your friends and their spirit and their being with abstract compositions and emotions. I can see from this piece, that your friend really means alot to you and inspired you to make this piece. It's sure wonderful to have a friend like that :D
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Yes it is, she is about the last one I really trust (:
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To have someone you can really trust is a really special feeling, isn't it? Trust is ultimate vow of love, I bet you must have so much love for this friend. :)
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These are my favourite colours!
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I don't know, swords are kinda cool:P

Awesome work!
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Very beautiful colors<3<3
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Do u use water color pencils for ur work?
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love your subtle style, I need to learn water colors!
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beautiful palette!
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I love the subtlety in her expression that fits exactly to the title. It's just amazing how you got that expression so subtle and clear at the same time.
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like it, especially the coloration! ^^
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Your works are truly amazing! I just love how you use all these colors : D and I can feel your feelings with this artwork. Wish you best luck always : )

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This piece is absolutely breathtaking! Your use of color is remarkable! Such beautiful work! = )
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No words to your work! You churn out paintings one more amazing than other! [link]
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I adore the ethereal, surreal feeling to this piece. It's a beautiful portrait of someone who sounds like a compassionate and strong woman. :)
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Thank you for your comment, I love reading those :heart:
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I like it! The colors are wonderful!
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It's amazing what you do with watercolours :wow:
By the way, do you get those white lines with just opaque paint? :)
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White gel pen, quite opaque :)
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