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Geek Love Characters

Part one of an assignment for Visual Storytelling class. I chose to Visually design Katherine Dunn's amazing novel, Geek Love. characters shown here are Arturo, Olympia, Iphigenia/ Electra, and Chick. I hope I did Dunn's characters justice... I still cringe at the texture use on Oly's dress so perhaps I'll repaint her some other day. Maybe.
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Your work has me speechless. You, my dear, are an inspiration!
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I am going to use this for my project because I wan

But can I use it?
I absolutely love this artwork.

Thank you.
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I forget, what was Chick's Shtick?
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love this! it looks so much like i thought they would! the only thing is that the twins have violet eyes not green but other then that its wonderful
I love this! I have been reading the book, and the characters and their personas have been consuming my thoughts, so I yearned to see them "come to life," as it were. So I did a google search and found this, in lieu of a major motion picture that would probably have ruined it for me. Of course everyone's visualization of what they look like is going to be different, but I loved seeing your interpretation. I am so glad you did this!
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Love your works!
Just finished this book and your portrayals are amazing. Great job!
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I love that book so much! My heart broke for Oly, and especially for Chick. Arty was such a bastard, and the twins were so interesting. (Am I right in assuming the one on the left--my left, their right--is Iphy and the one on my right/their left is Elly?
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This is incredible! Geek Love is one of my favorite books. :)
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These are so accurate to the way I pictured the characters.
I love Geek Love and I love this. <3
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i am reading this book for school, thank you so much for this, i was confused about the characters looks. (:
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I think this is great-- I loved the book too and I think you truly do it justice.
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This is wonderful! I just finished rereading this book. I love the personality in the twins' faces/posture, and Chick is just perfect.
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this is great!

I love how you protrayed them!
Especially olympia~

i'm really happy because i had a hard time visualizing Arty and this helps alot!

thank you :)
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Wow ! What a brilliant rendition of Geek Love <3

Great job !

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I just got done reading this book. Your visual interpretations of the characters is spot-on. Just wanted to give you kudos for that!
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klëvyy!! (awesome!)
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this is the most wonderful draw I have ever seen
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man do i love this book! you captured the Characters exactly, i love this! thakn you so much for drawing this, you rock!
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I love Iphy and Elly, you can tell exactly which is which.
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