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September 23, 2010
First person Tribute by ~janditlev
Featured by Pyritie
Suggested by pain-designs
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First person Tribute

Some personal work
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sickhammer's avatar
Reminds me of Alien Swarm :)
Galactixa's avatar
Whup whup. That's AWESOME!!
SilentTwentySeven's avatar
I'd expect to see this further ahead in popularity, I think it's awesome!
mermaidp-uke's avatar
Wow I love your attention to detail :clap: You're an amazing artist!
JoshuaCadogan's avatar
this is awesome. but isn't the gun on the other side most of the time lol
MikkelNPetersen's avatar
Why is the Person left handed? Is it supost to look like an option to switch Right/Left or what?

Its not critic but more a question because most FPS games have the weapons on the right side.

[I dont care if i spell wrong, im from Denmark so i don't care about correct english, as long as you know that i mean]
tommyvercettyrulez's avatar
An very good concept, you got the FPS felling just right. This reminds me of Singularity.
BigPuppyStuart's avatar
That is so beautiful now I want to play a game that doesn't yet exist outside of your mind.
.....Can i play with your mind?
SilentLightening's avatar
Stinky9's avatar
A very killzone/alien feel, gj
frozenverdugo's avatar
that looks like a hell of a game
TheSUNGlassKid's avatar
Don't know if you get sick of hearing this, but this is incredible! The lighting, the details, the perspective, the smoke, it's all incredible!
The next COD series perhaps ;)
halonut117's avatar
very nice, my friend :thumbsup:
Kevenaar's avatar

great art! i really like the half-life ish and metal look in this scene
S-ource's avatar
Looks so sick and awesome! would be cool to turn this concept into a game mod.
leemoore's avatar
wow! awesomness!
Aera89's avatar
so where can I buy the game to this?
herbertlizares's avatar
i thought it was just some screenshot..but damn!!!!
Threvlin's avatar
Fantastic work. I'd play it.
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