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Castle Quarters by jandherdeathcase Castle Quarters :iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 2 0 Sebastian by jandherdeathcase Sebastian :iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 0 3 Stupid Meme. by jandherdeathcase Stupid Meme. :iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 2 8 T u r t l e . by jandherdeathcase T u r t l e . :iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 2 11
A Special Day
The blonde yawned as he hastily grabbed his alarm clock which was beeping very annoyingly.
   'I wonder if that's what I sound like around Sakura.'
He groaned as he realised what day it was and was mentally preparing himself for yet another day of neglect. He wondered if anyone would be bothered to remember what day it was today.
   'Oh, right. How could anyone forget that day?'
He got out of his bed and poured some hot water into a cup of instant ramen. As he waited he got dressed into his bright orange jumpsuit and started to eat.
   'I hope Kakashi-sensei doesn't turn up late to training again.'
He quickly gobbled up his breakfast and took a quick drink of milk (the cartoon with the cute cow on it). The hyper ninja realised he was late and ran out the door.
   'Wait, I forgot to lock it!'
Not like anyone would want to rob him, but better safe than sorry. He locked the door and noticed a sticky no
:iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 0 2
Young L V2 by jandherdeathcase Young L V2 :iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 3 5
Summer's Crush
   "Miss Summers, Miss, Miss, Mello is pegging paper at me," whined Near.
The Uchiha inwardly sighed. She knew it was coming, the future showed her this lot, but it didn't say that they would be this difficult. She was also suspicious of the red head in the class, Matt. The future showed her a lot of Matt and to her Matt looked cute.
   'Come on Alex get a grip,' she thought to herself.
   "Mello stop or you get time out," she said firmly.
He immediately stopped and started sulking. Taff and Basil started giggling at Mello, which caused him to sulk even more. Right at that moment Alex had a vision, which seemed to scare quite her a lot. She, Alex, was kissing her student Matt! She pulled away from the vision and found that her face was flustered. Was the vision telling her that she was falling for Matt? Then she thought what was so wrong about it? So she decided to ignore her vision of the future and let things fall into place in thei
:iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 0 9
no. 55 Playing God
I can't make my own decisions
Or make any with precision
Well maybe you should tie me up
So I don't go where you don't want me
You say that I've been changing
That I'm not just simply Ageing
Well how could that be logical?
Just keep on cramming ideas down my throat

I allow you to join the investigation thinking that you would be help. From the moment I saw you, I knew you were wearing a mask over that evil smirk. It was like you secret poker face. You lead me into the wrong direction. Helping me make my decisions, my wrong decisions. I was so close to proving you wrong. I, L, had almost won; well to me I did win. You underestimated me, you cheated! You used the shiningami and cheaters always lose!
You don't have to believe me
But the way I, way I see it
Next time you point a finger I might have to bend it back
And break it, break it off
Next time you point a finger I'll point you to the mirror

You always accused other people, trying to tell me that it wasn't you, b
:iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 5 29
Sasuke in Shippuden by jandherdeathcase Sasuke in Shippuden :iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 2 0
Mello's Reality for ririlala-
Contains a bit of yaoi references and girl boy kissing. so... yeah... :XD:
   "MELLO~ COME HERE RIGHT NOW WITH YOUR CHOCOLATE INFESTED HANDS!" boomed Roger from the bottom floor of the orphanage.
Mello snapped another chunk off his chocolate bar and put his iPod on.
   'How can I concentrate with that annoying sound going off every three seconds?' thought Mello.
He lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering how people become famous singers even if their voice sounds like one of those whistle kettles. Roger slammed the blonde's door open and Mello squealed. He leapt off his bed and climbed up his bookshelf. Roger stormed up toward the shelf and tried to pull his leg, when Mello flew over Roger's head and dashed for the stairs. He skipped five stairs with each step he took. The blonde reached the bottom floor and looked back to see if Roger was following him, he continued running and toppled over someone.
   "WAHHHHHHHH!!" scream
:iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 0 4
Chibi-ish Itachi? For Natalie by jandherdeathcase Chibi-ish Itachi? For Natalie :iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 0 2 Sasuke by jandherdeathcase Sasuke :iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 2 2
Mature content
Wammy Boys Go Drag Racing :iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 4 26
THE PHONE SHALL SHOW NO MERCY by jandherdeathcase THE PHONE SHALL SHOW NO MERCY :iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 2 6
Spring Dream
I lay in the meadow, staring at the clear blue sky, surrounded by a field of bright, yellow, bloomed sunflowers.  It was so warm and sunny here unlike my hometown where it was cold and rainy during Spring and Summer and snowy and freezing during Autumn and Winter. I felt the presence of someone else come closer to me. I turned my head to the side to see who it was. His footsteps were soft on the green, cushiony grass and his and his thick, light brown, scruffy hair rustled in the warm Spring breeze. His skin was lightly tanned and flawless. His eyes gleamed a light brown which made my heart melt every time I looked into them. He walked beside me and lay next to me. No words were spoken. His presence made me comfortable and he took all of my worries away. I never wanted this moment to end. A few minutes later he turned his head to face me and smiled. Why his glorious smile could bring a dead puppy back to life. He seemed to be studying all of the features of my face. He loo
:iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 2 0
Mature content
Forbidden Love U2 - One :iconjandherdeathcase:jandherdeathcase 2 9


ao~haru~ride by Annabel-m ao~haru~ride :iconannabel-m:Annabel-m 780 87 DRRR: Sushi Love by yuumei DRRR: Sushi Love :iconyuumei:yuumei 6,502 310 Alice-Reworked for Rainmeter by Mordasius Alice-Reworked for Rainmeter :iconmordasius:Mordasius 12,693 405 The Roar of Our Stars by alicexz The Roar of Our Stars :iconalicexz:alicexz 47,472 2,731 iTunes Soft by d-bliss iTunes Soft :icond-bliss:d-bliss 78 10 The Shape didn't change... by YourEndlessDream The Shape didn't change... :iconyourendlessdream:YourEndlessDream 2,432 464 Change by NaBHaN Change :iconnabhan:NaBHaN 1,857 202 bitbit the virtual creatch by snut bitbit the virtual creatch :iconsnut:snut 7,033 1,055 Avatar: Zuko the fire lord by Go-Devil-Dante Avatar: Zuko the fire lord :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 56,050 16,046 1000 W0RDS by yuumei 1000 W0RDS :iconyuumei:yuumei 117,324 27,864 On The Road of Life by yuumei On The Road of Life :iconyuumei:yuumei 9,002 602 3D background Tutorial by yuumei 3D background Tutorial :iconyuumei:yuumei 24,123 1,378 Vintage Paper Texture Pack by S3PTIC-STOCK Vintage Paper Texture Pack :icons3ptic-stock:S3PTIC-STOCK 1,908 213 149 Ornate Oval Frame Cutout04 by Tigers-stock 149 Ornate Oval Frame Cutout04 :icontigers-stock:Tigers-stock 272 38 098 Royal Oval Frame Cutout by Tigers-stock 098 Royal Oval Frame Cutout :icontigers-stock:Tigers-stock 424 33
Stuff that I find awesome... yeah. =D


1→You must post these rules.
2→Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3→You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4→Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5→No tag backs.
6→No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you read this." You legitimately have to tag ten people. *Stuff rule six, whoever's bothered to do it, do it*

Okay, here we go!

1. I almost went over my download limit for the internet yesterday, thus haven't been online because I need to stretch it for another three weeks.

2. I'm a self admitted 'computer nerd/geek' If I'm not on the computer then I'm sleeping.

3. I love cutesy things.

4. I have recently discovered Korean dramas. Heartstrings <3


6. My school Windows computer got a virus within the first three weeks of receiving it.

7. I know Pi up to 20 decimal places; 3.14159265358979323846

8. Amnesia: The Dark Decent is the scariest game I've ever played. I had a dream about the Amnesia monster two nights ago, couldn't sleep for the rest of the night.

9. I have a weird fascination with headbands, ever since I was little. Don't ask I just do and always wear one (except when at school.

10. I am trying to learn how to say 'Hello, does this place internet?' in German, Croatian, Italian, French and Swiss. And also 'thank you'. So far, 'Hallo, hart dieser ort Internet?' Danke ;D

I also still love Pixar movies. BAM! Done ^^
  • Listening to: Let's Get It - Duck Duck Grey Goose
  • Reading: Pride and Prejudice (more like struggling through)
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: TTR
  • Eating: Not hungry
  • Drinking: Pepsi Max


Battling it out on DDR Machines
Groups I'm in =D
:iconhella-toes::iconchurch-of-l: :iconlxlight-fan-group: :iconhouse-of-wammys: :iconuke-l-fans: :iconyuumei-fan-base: :icondeathnotefan: :icondeathnote-x-over:

Anime<3 Tobi, Deidara, Sasuke, L & Itatchi
Anime</3 Rem, Misa, Ino & Sakura
Food<3 Apples, Chocolate, Gum & Pizza
Food</3 Cheese, licourice, raw tomatoes & avacado
Fwends<3 Natalie Riri-Lala-Kiki &Katherine Melloisawsome

<3 Tobi is a good boy!! lol

*spies on L* *sqeals and runs after him* ^_^

Current Residence: Brick
Favourite genre of music: Hardstyle&R&B&Classical
Favourite style of art: Pencil Shading&Digital&Impressionism
Operating System: Apple Mac
MP3 player of choice: ipod <3
Favourite cartoon character: Tamaki, Hikaru, Chowder, Tobi, Sasuke, L&Itatchi
Personal Quote: Get out of my house (whether I'm in it or not)



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