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A Very Brief History of Type by Jandalf A Very Brief History of Type by Jandalf
Woo, type history poster. Made completely with Illustrator. The basic guidelines for this assignment were to experiment with type while paying homage to its background as well as listing some of it.

Descriptions of the typographic movements are quoted from the ever-excellent book The Elements of Typographic Style (v. 2.5) by Robert Bringhurst, and can be found on pages 12-15.

Some stuff nabbed from the rationale:


Understanding the history of typography is vital to a graphic designer. Typography embodies practically everything that defines visual communication. Similar to the way that a person's memory of their own life plays a large role in defining them, all that typography is today has been dependent upon past ideas, observations, and developments.

For this poster, I decided to put a heavy focus on the concept of what makes typography what it is. Instead of focusing on the forms themselves, type has often been defined as the division of white space in order to create something legible to the human eye.

I played with the concept of readability by trimming away pieces of the letterforms while retaining just enough to keep the word recognisable. Underlying the design of the poster is a woodcut image of an old one-cylinder printing press, noting that the formation of movable type has played an immense role in typography's development. At the same time, the layers and structure of this poster indicate that the abilities given by the computer to the designer of today are not to be underestimated. In years previous, the kinds of experimentation that are now possible would have been inconceivable.
calthyechild Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
You failed: it's not a recognizable word. I get the following out of your hackneyed symbol: ymrpy. I can guess, because I'm intellegent, it was supposed to be some hyper-stylized version of the word 'typography', but then again, I can guess what most misspelt words were supposed to be as well as understanding that this is a type poster, and probably was not meant to say yupsidedownmrpy.

The rest of the poster in design and composition looks good, but because of that disgusting thing in the middle, as useful as a print of it would be, I would absolutely not get it.

Seriously, the rest of the deisgn is good. Nice layout, composition, I can't say I'm a fan of the colors but it's not all that bad... where you PUT that mangled, pop-graffiti logo thing LOOKS good. But your choice to make it utterly illegable ruins the poster for me. ESPECIALLY since it's supposed to be conveying information rather than just being 'OH LOOK SHINY ART'.

I wouldn't have mentioned it on an OH LOOK SHINY TYPOGRAPHY poster.

But this is conveying information. The subject of that information should not be impossible to read.

That is my critique. I love the rest. I would've faved this had you done something differently with that text blob in the center. It's handy, shiny, educational, and unlike many other text designs I see locally, does not make me want to commit ritual seppuku. But you obscured the subject of it so much that if there wasn't a DeviantArt explanation, I wouldn't have known it was about type. It's TOO abstract! It looks good in its use in the background, and I guess it achieves the experimental goal, and as I said--I wouldn't have complained in an ART piece.

Don't get me wrong, your concept is great. But I feel that in something educational, all faucets should be clear and not abstract.
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