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Prussian militarism attacks! Here a mid-ranked officer of one of the stratospheric zeppelins of Wilhelm II's Kaiserliche Luftflotte.

I kicked off with a pencil sketch at school and finished it later with a black gel pen at home, it all took about 3-3,5 hours. There shall be more steampunk, I guess!

Tom ;)
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It's hard to imagine that being created in that little time, I would have liked to to watch that.

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It's from a time I was much less concerned with proper anatomy, proportions and such. Worked with intuition rather than actual design. Helps that the medium used for it was really made for rapid drawing, the filled the paper with lines in no time. I definitely wouldn't be able to be so fast today. 
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Holy shit this is epic.
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He looks so imposing. Like, he doesn't need weapons to kick butt.
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Could we see the British, French, Russian, and/or Austrian equivalents to this soldier?
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I like this uniform...if only I could find one.
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Weee!!! Death Korps! Just joking. :D
By the way, Did Imperial Germans had this "Gott mit Uns" belt buckle?
Anyway, amazing work!
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Yet I am mistaken, forgot to watch the pictures :D Apparently there were buckles during Imperial era [link]

Hell, you could place the motto everywhere :D
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I believe I came across the Death Korps (and whole WH40K and WFB) some time after I drew this one :D German Empire is seemingly an almost infinite source of inspiration for eveyrone out there :D

As I learned from the wiki (though you know how you can trust the wiki...) only the Wehrmacht of the Third Reich had "Gott mit uns" buckles (Waffen-SS had a patriotic slogan instead of religious one). Army of the German Empire had "Gott mit us" somewhere on the helmets, but to be honest, I hadn't seen one yet. Wiki: [link] This motto is far older than both countries.
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Every Imperial Guard Regiment was based on some real army. British colonial troops, Soviet WW2 conscripts, or WW1 Imperial Germans. German Empire is popular, because you can add a little "germanic" feel to your art, without being a bloody nazi. ;)
Anyway, keep up the good work!
One of the best steampunk characters I've ever seen!
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More of them, good god - your sheer output of splendid Steampunk Wilhelmine German works is astounding! 5* yet again!
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As this piece is three years old, I'm working on a few new Germanophile steampunk pieces, although the ones that are nearest to completion are K.u.K.-oriented. :)
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Wow, awesome design and pen work!
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so cool, steampunk genre is always great, and you are good at it
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many people these days do too many nazi. anyways prussians are awesome. they wherre basically the same people of germany of the time of the nazis. damn i could not beleve a nations identity can change in less than a decade! (from ww1 prussians to ww2 nazis 0__0) btw awesome drawing i rate 10,000/10 ^__^
That is a BITCHIN' coat! I mean, wow, makes me wish I had one of those :(
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More that ia awsome i want more.......
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Love the image, the detail and craftmanship. Think the hoses coming from the face might snag in a combat setting or in a armored vehicle.

Placed it in the folder I did because it also looks like a Death Korps of Krieg in the sci-fi Warhammer 40,000. Keep it up.
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Ha, everyone loves the Death Korps :D Although my favourites are Vostroyans with all their Cossack-ness.

But hey, WH40k wasn't my inspiration here :D
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eh, even if you didnt it still looks bad ass. Congrats!
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The respirator is a good idea, but maybe the helmet pin under an inmense gas bag is a bit dangerous...
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