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The Golden Hind

By JanBoruta
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The Golden Hind, the flagship of sir Francis Drake himself - the co-defeater of the Spanish in 1588, a legal pirate in Her Majesty's service and the first Englishman to sail around the world. The vessel was a race-built galleon, very fast but lightly armed. The ship on the drawing isn't the exact "Hind" but I' pretty sure that I'm close to the original one. :)

2B, HB pencils on A4 paper.
Tom :D
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I love the way you do flags.
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Really Nice!!! Incredible!
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DevinCamaryHobbyist Traditional Artist
That looks more like the HMS Revenge... Also another ship Drake had after the Hinde
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Neil-MacleodHobbyist General Artist
Very nice detailing :)
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AbigtreehuggerProfessional Traditional Artist
I love the Golden Hind, one of my favourite English ships under full sail.
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MechanicalGraphiteHobbyist Traditional Artist
I wish I could get on a ship like that and just leave! You know what I mean?
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theres a german computer game, called Pirates of Tortuga Bay, and in the fifth level, you have to board a ship called The Golden Hind. Why do i say that? i have the game.
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DeviantKaledStudent Digital Artist
An asbolutely stunning piece of work, Jan! I know this has been up a hwile and you've probably had every quantity of praise for your work (richly deserved!), but as someone who both loves to sail and has considerable interest in the Apanish Armada era, this is brilliant! It really captures the essence of the age, and the moment too. Beautiful technique, breathtaking detail and obviously you know the subject matter really well! Where have you researched ships of the era so thoroughly?

Also one question - you say the Hind was race-built - I'd guessed as much, but... in this period it can mean converted (i.e. trimmed down) OR specifically built with the razeed look and functionality in mind - was the Hind built like this, or converted from a larger ship?
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JanBoruta General Artist
Thanks for very kind words! It's unusual to see such a long and eloquent comment these days... :)

But, on the matter. You ask where had I done all the research on historical ships. There's only one answer - the internet, especially via googling images! There's plenty of specialist websites, full of pictures of models, paintings and the like. I've got only a few books about sailing ships, one a Czech publication, the second about Polish fleets in years 1460-1730 and my main prize, "Illustrated History of Ships and Boats" by Lionel Casson.

About hte Hind - I think I was mistaken to call it "race-built", because it might have been built as a quite small, nimble galleon. But other race-built ships were probably just razeed and refurbished from more bulky carracks, so basically - you're right :)

Best regards! :)
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DeviantKaledStudent Digital Artist
Even more rare to recieve one back again =D

Ah, the internet - of course! I've had quite a look around myself, though I have to admit I haven't found too much from this era, which is a shame... But you're right, particularly modelling websites make good resources, and contemporary paintings too. But wow, those books of yours are some very nice sources!

I guess being a 3D (CGI) modeller myself I need quite accurate dimensions etc. to go off: I suppose you have to imitate and recreate first in order to create... There's a detailed cutaway of an Elizabethan race-built galleon at [link] which I've been using as a basis for a recent model, but I'm having to use guesswork and google images to work out the rigging!

And, regarding the Hind... Ah right, that does make sense. I do know that several English ships were built just prior to the Spanish Armada in the razeed style, without technically being "razeed" themselves - I wasn't sure whether she was one of them or not!

Anyway, sorry for the long message - I tend to get carried away =P Do you have much firsthand experience of square-rigged sailing ships? I only ask because aside from the details in your drawings, the whole feel of motion and atmosphere is very believable!

Best regards to you also! =) Sorry if I've taken up too much of your time in reading this =D
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JanBoruta General Artist
Hmm, I can't say I have a real experience with square-riggers, I was a few times on single-mast yachts, but only on the lakes :D

I could lend you a hand in terms of plans or images of ships, but we'd have to cut my personal archive into a myriad pieces - the "Sailing Ships" folder is roughly 470MB! :D Plus, there is a spearate folder called "Paintings", another 100MB, and an archive of steel and iron fighting ships from 1840-1945, last 150MB... :) But anyway, If you're interested in a particular epoch or ship type, just note me with your e-mail address and I'll flood you with .zip files! :D I can send my WHOLE archive over some time, really... :)
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DeviantKaledStudent Digital Artist
Hi Jan, very sorry for the long delay! University, life, etc...

It's funny looking back on that conversation, actually, because since then I've finished uni and have started looking into the galleon-modelling big time! I've found some massive scaled plans and surprisingly quite a few free kit instructions, all of which have been invaluable guides... check out this model at [link] - beautiful work!!

Haha, it really sounds like you have an amazing archive! Thanks very much for the offer, but I'm actually just about finished now, I reckon - look for updates to my gallery soon ;)

Hope life is treating you well!


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BeyondTheNytemareHobbyist General Artist
Just click my username, it's there!! :hug:
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fajnie. robię właśnie Golden Hind w 3D.
Jak skończe to wrzucę.
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:iconplusfav: ...:thumbsup:...:handshake:
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jack8642Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, What a Beautiful Ship...!
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vaantjuh1990Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow this is amazing :+fav:
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yaay, świetny ten statek! :D

a Drake'a uwielbiam - fantastycznie się o nim eseje na studiach pisało (złapało się kilka 5 dzięki niemu 5 ;>;) ;]

z historycznych postaci to tylko Tokugawę Ieyasu lubię bardziej... zauważyłam, że jeśli o historyczne postacie chodzi, to strasznie mnie do takich bad assów ciągnie XD
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mimose-stockHobbyist Photographer
:wave: you've been featured here : [link]
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SulkaUlvaHobbyist Digital Artist
Uwielbiam ten statek [link]
zabieram się za składnie modelu,świetną masz kreskę , czy rysujesz je z głowy,w sensie układ statku ?
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JanBoruta General Artist
Teraz go rysuję z głowy, ale do tego rysunku musiałem mieć kilka obrazków, zdjęć modeli itp ;) Tylko, że niepotrzebnie dodałem bonawenturamaszt na samej rufie, ale to szczegół :D
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wow, did ship at these time really had so many crows nests? :o
Fantastic piece :D
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JanBoruta General Artist
I don't know if they really had them so many, but they look cool =P
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hahaha, lol :lmao:
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