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The Formidable

By JanBoruta
Giftart for ~Gekster :icongekster: (commander Farrell), she was the second person to catch my 10,000th pageview ages ago. She wanted to see her ship - a sloop of war, the Formidable, sailing through a storm.


This wasn't an easy piece, it took me about 10 hours to draw. And I'm not happy with it anyway. Sorry for the crappy lightning :P HB and 4B pencils.

Maybe you'll like it :D
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© 2007 - 2021 JanBoruta
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Hi, I Am Tramolious JAL, I Also Did A Large Painting Of The Black Pearl, Have Had In On My Site For A While, But No One Has Ever Gone There To See It... Not Sure How You Guys Have Folks Going To Your Sites... Must Be Something I Was Not Told About, Getting My Work On The Pages You Are On... If Anyone Can Let Me Know How To Do It, I Would Be Real Happy To Know The Information... If You Would Like To Visit My Site, Here Is The Link,


And My Painting Took Over A Year And t Glows In The Dark, I Hand Streached The Canvas, And Made The Frame To Hold The Black Lights, I Have Been Painting With Glow Paints From The Early 60's...… Another Site For My Black Pearl...
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Awesome job on this.  
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Most Artistic u r and I must salute ur talent !!
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I feature this wonderful work in my journal. [link]
Hope that is okay with you. If you don't want it there please inform me and I will remove it immediately. Bye Sunny
I love the ship drawings! But as to the Formidable, of course the lighting is crappy, it's a storm! However, it would be a brave (or foolish) captain to carry all that sail in a storm. I'd only carry a double reefed main sail and storm jib on my boat. A large three master like this might carry topsails only, with some stailsails. The effect is nice, though, so lets pretend the storm came up suddenly and they haven't roused the watch yet. ^_^
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Fabulous! It's got such life and energy, I can practically hear the thunder and the ship working against the storm!
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Nice depiction of the sails there.

well done
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The sails seemed to come alive to me! EXCELLENT! :D
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rysunek zajebisty, ale realizm leży... żaden statek nie popłynie pod pełnymi żaglami w taką pogode ;)

woda jest świetna
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Wim wim :P Ale nie chciało mi się ludzi pytać jak to powinno być :P
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:winner:CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Your work was so awesome :jawdrop: it is in the 160 FEATURES this week--->[link] and also posted in the following news article--->[link] :boogie::dance::clap::clap:
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Wow, thanks, I appreciate that :D
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You are welcome! :hug:ss
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Wait :3 there be no icebergs 'round 'ere! Ha! *the ship sinks* o.o ;_;
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It's da Bermuda Triangle! So... o.O
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Ty genialny człowieku... to jest przepiękne *__* :faint: Pożycz kawałek talentu, kiedyś oddam ;P
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No bez przesady, ja uważam że NAPRAWDĘ wiele rzeczy mi tutaj nie wyszło tak, jakbym chciał... Mam ten dyskomfort :/ No ale jak mam pożyczyć "kawałek talentu" to chyba część mi zostanie? :D
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