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The Eighth Wave

By JanBoruta
I shouldn't post it here because of bad quality :(

Comissioned image; 50x70cm; HB, 2B, 4B graphite pencils. It shall be considered my tribute to the magnificent Aivazovsky. He painted the famous "Ninth Wave". :)

I didn;t have any time to scan it and put it together, so I had to use a camera :( I had to heavily manipulate the photo to achieve the effect similar to the real-life piece. Eat me.

Tom :)
Image details
Image size
1150x832px 463.91 KB
Canon PowerShot A85
Shutter Speed
1/30 second
Focal Length
5 mm
Date Taken
May 30, 2008, 9:39:35 AM
© 2008 - 2021 JanBoruta
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Featured this picture in my latest journal. :)
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They're going to destroy all their sails, leaving them out in that kind of weather! :o
The detail in your ships never ceases to amaze me..
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Chciałam pod niektórymi Twoimi pracami zamieścić jakiś comment ale zajełoby mi to tyle czasu, że pozwolę sobie napisać pod tylko tą, że wszystkie zamieszczone ostatnio są GENIALNE. Pozdrawiam :)
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It's stunning! Thrilling emotion! Love those black waves and clouds! Very mysterious too. Brings the book Treasure Island to my mind.
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Wow, this is amazing, don't see why u say it's bad quality, the ship's sails look great :D
I love this piece cuse teh ship looks very detaild, it looks like a photo :D
Poor ship, it reminds me of Poseidon :D
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Tomu sa hovorí sila ceruziek! Má to fakt ťažkú atmosféru, drsné kontrasty a celkovo si to zaslúži +fav :D
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It's amazing to see such violence and power in a pencil piece. If I had any comment to make, it would be to demonstrate more wind with the pennants and flags.
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If this is bad quality, I can't imagine to think oh how much better it is in person to see.
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nie no zwykłe "ładnie" to tutaj niedomówienie :D
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Nie przesadzaj, zawsze mogło być lepiej :P
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już nie bądź taki skromny :P
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I like the picture :) It's a bit rough, but it fits with the idea. And your storm looks just great, it's a breathtaking view :nod:
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Thank you :) What do you mean by "rough"? The quality of the photo or something else? :)
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I mean the pencil strokes. They seem a bit harsh with the ship, but maybe that's just me. Or it is your style :) But as I said, I like the picture as it is :nod:
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I think that the photo ate much of the initial quality, in real life it all looks proper :S
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I know what you mean, it's the same with my pictures *sigh*
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That is seriously off the hook man. Your pencil work is awesome!
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Thanks! :) I'm trying to improve :)
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Aparat masz niezły... wiem, że poprawione, ale wygląda absolutnie dobrze :O
Łódka! :heart:
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Aparat jest zaiste dobry, tylko miałem dupne światło, że się tak wyrażę :P Dziękuję :)
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the details are stunning :) Very good work!

Cobra 6
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Thanks! ;) When we'll see something new from you? :)
Cobra6's avatar
Working on a new scene, Ill post you the link via pm ;)
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