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The Daedalus

By JanBoruta
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Commissioned drawing from last year. The Daedalus, while distinguished and ornate, is a giant arship of a certain villainous character in the client's children's novel. The smaller vessel is the battleship's scout boat.

Done in pencils and graphite ranging from HB to 6B on 50x70cm bristol paper. 2016. 
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Congratulations to the well deserved Daily Deviation! :clap:
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Oh my. Zulden, did you see this?

Think it can be safely said if somebody asks how to design an airborne battleship with paddlewheels, this is where you point them to have questions answered.
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Quite honestly I don't think paddlewheels would be exceptionally efficient when moving through air, but in fantasy land everything is possible. And it just looks cool, and cool wins over realism in such a setting. Thank you a lot! :) 
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What novel would this be?
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It would be "Ned's Circus of Marvels" by Justin Fisher.
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Nicely done indeed
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Well done. Nice illustration for the book 
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Many thanks. I don't know if it ended up in a book - but it should be decorating the writer's wall if all went according to plan. 
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However it went, i like that pic.
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Very Nicely Done!
Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)
For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz
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Thank you. :) Never expected to get a second DD, and definitely not ten years after the first one.
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This composition is amazing! I like that when I look at this, I find an area I hadn't seen! This is a fun piece of art! One that lulls you! Well done!
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Thanks so much! I'm happy you think so - art is the best way to share our visions and fragments of imagination. 
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I totally agree! Because the imagination is limitless there will always be art with those fragmented elements! I've seen demented minds like a black desert with no sign of life!
The hope had been choked to the point individuals lose their way.....
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I want a ride! Wonderful detail, and the clouds are just amazing.
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Thank you! Rendering clouds and smoke has become one of my favourite parts of drawing in recent times. Not as tedious and quite different to all the technical details. 
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Congrats on your DD JanBoruta :clap:
what a beautiful and unique work, great technique and details. 
Keep up the good work :star:
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WOW! That's quite a pleasant surprise to wake up to, never thought I'd get a DD ever again. My sincere thanks for suggesting this piece in the first place - it is most appreciated. :) 
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What can I say apart from this is amazing?
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Holy shit man, it's been awhile!

You alright?
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