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Frigate skirmish

By JanBoruta
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British-American war of years 1812-1815. An American frigate rakes and finishes encountered British vessel of same class.

I used a gel pen, after sketching the scene with a mechanical pencil. Added (slightly) some texture from here: [link]

Tom :)
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very nice
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Amazing. I've always loved old sailing ships, and you've done a spectacular job with these. Though the clouds are a little lackluster in compassion(waves are nice though!). 
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Looks like combat between USS Constitution and HMS Guerriere... very good drawing. I love US frigates of those times :D
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Are one of those ships Old Ironside?
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the-funny-kidStudent Traditional Artist
Just wondering, but is the American ship supposed to be that high out of the water? Just asking for reference :)
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PurpleSketcher92Student Traditional Artist
Fantastic Job! :D
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Crigby46Hobbyist Writer
great piece of art, well done :D
but the British frigate is only pierced for 20 guns as far as i can see, whereas the Yank is a 24 gun ship :(
i like the way that you have done the sheet-lines and halyards though; not all straight lines :)
But i have to point out that the Courses would be furled in combat to prevent fire taking hold above decks.
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JanBoruta General Artist
Sorry for sinking a RN ship, but I've got plenty of victorious RN ships in my gallery :)

And yep, I know about the courses, but I wanted to show the 'full-speediness' of a sudden engagement :) Nonetheless, it's an obvious mistake ;) Thanks for kind words! :)
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Crigby46Hobbyist Writer
that's ok, nobody really won that war anyway :)
Do you know of the HMS Shannon?
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Alyssa-MV Writer
The detail is incredible, I love drawing ships as well, but unfortunately I'm no good at it...
The action... its so real!!
RococoAtelier's avatar
Amazing art!
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magicswordzStudent Digital Artist
the american ship bigger or the british ship just far away?
JanBoruta's avatar
JanBoruta General Artist
It's far away :D Their size would be comparable when set side to side (though the British would be slightly smaller)
magicswordz's avatar
magicswordzStudent Digital Artist
ok, just making sure :)
SpyrotheDragon13570's avatar
your really good with ships, This types of ship style has always been my favorite, reminds me so much of that of Pirates of the Caribbean, lol
JanBoruta's avatar
JanBoruta General Artist
Apparently, there were no frigates clearly visible in PotC :XD:
SpyrotheDragon13570's avatar
true, sorta different, whatever :D
BluefireLee's avatar
Impressive, most impressive :D
i don't think I could do that with a pen lol ;)
great piece :D
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JanBoruta General Artist
Thanks :) I'm glad you like it.
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A-TeivosStudent Interface Designer
S tou textúrou to vyzerá celkom 'dobovo', to treba priznať. A len tak mimochodom to vyzerá fakt dobre aj ako celok - trošku mi to pripomína ten štýl použitý na ksichtoch ľudí na bankovkách :)
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AlzirrHobbyist Traditional Artist

...tak, zdecydowanie :aww:
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FrohickeyProfessional Traditional Artist
This stuff is great! It's very much like an etching. That sounds like something you might try sometime. :D
JanBoruta's avatar
JanBoruta General Artist
Who knows what future will bring with itself? Everything's possible! ;) Thanks! :D
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great detail,love those old ships
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