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Der Kaiser

Another gel pen sketch done at school, this time it's der Kaiser Wilhelm II himself!

Tom :)
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Absolutely amazing!!! 
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this inspired vanripper? 
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YES! Glory to the Kaiserreich!
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awesomely done!
Hail Kaiser, dir !

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Though I dislike a traditional steampunk style, this is an aweosme piece of art! It has a very serious look. 

Heil Kaiser dir!
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Gott schutze den Kaiser!
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do like this actually
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Ah, the Last Emperor of Germany...

While I'm solidly in the Red camp, I do have an appreciation and slight admiration for Wilhelm II. If ever I would become a Monarchist, the Kaiserreich would prove inspirational...

Very lovely line work, great shading and detail. You did this with gel pen? Most impressive, and a slight bit better than ballpoints can achieve, I will say. Pen is a fun medium to work with, but I sometimes think grabbing any old pen lying about is a silly way to go about it. My own experience, mind you.

As an aside, I happen to sport a moustache similar to the Kaiser's. Not exactly as robust, but damn close!
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I like Kaiser Wilhelm II!

He was less crazed than Hitler. Plus, he's got a badass look with that fierce mustache.
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true dat! We Prussians gotta stick together. Even though Im half Bavarian
The-Ironwing-Kaiser's avatar
Bavarians and Prussians are both badass.
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Sons of the Iron Eagle
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make more ww1 fantasy steampunk. this is freaking glorious, i love your style.
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Awesome Picture, good work!
Gott sparen Der Kaiser! :D
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Mechanical arm, I see. I imagine he had his withered one amputated or some such?

Also, that eagle belt buckle looks very uncomfortable to wear.
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Yes, it is uncomfortable, but not enough to spoil the Kaiser's COOLNESS.
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