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Cyberpunk Samurai

A piece for 's concept-art battle, topic: Nameless Samurai, genre: cyberpunk. He was supposed to look maximally worn-out.

Done in a bout a week, 2-3 hours daily. I didn't rush anywhere. ;) I hope you like it.

Tom :)
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I'd love to see a film based on this one picture with this song playing in the trailer.
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Proud "street ronin", I like that! Really impressive view of Samurai mixed with Cyberpunk genre.
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Awesome! :D

Can I use it for a game, granting you credits, and an annual percentage as it turns commercial?

Please consider my offer :)

to the following link:---> [link]

Have a nice day!
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Just decided to look around at Cyberpunk on DA, and this caught my eye with how awesome it was. Love the holographic banner and detailed wiring :)
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Is the sheath changing colors to indicate whether the blade is inserted or not? *'cause that's a pretty awesome feature*
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Yes, it's exactly like that :D This piece needed something shiny-glowy and this place seemed perfect :)
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awesomnesss!!!!! this is epic. what did you use to do this?
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The life of a hacker can be a battlefield.
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I love the idea of the digital standard, that's pretty awesome!

(sorry for Anglicanism, but not sure what the Samurai's flags are called)
God-Killing-Virus's avatar
This is amazing. I am impressed!
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Naprawdę super, 'jak będę duży, chce być taki jak ty'!
A na serio, super robota, sandały mnie rozwliły
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Nice concept. I like the shadowy background work as well. I like the darkness with just a hint of color. that 's very effective.
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amazing, im in kendo classes
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Świetna robota!
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We are Samurai, the keyboard cowboys!
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metal gear is somewhere nearby)
kourinthellama's avatar
Dobreee :D Robisz sie lepszy z dnia na dzien :)
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Ostatni raz tabletowałem trzy miesiące temu... Naprawdę z dnia na dzień? =P Dzięki piękne za komentarz :D
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