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team chow with alex and alge 6

collab by:

done for the team chow II event on :)
It was much fun even if it was rushed mostly (we did 8 illustration in 9 days )

If you want to know more infos about the characters you can take a look here:

(there you can also view the other entries, which are awesome, and the voting)

done in photoshop CS3.

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i cant comprehend how people can become just sooooooooo good at art (especially drawing on the cmop.) i mean whenever im done with a drawing im like oh cool sweet im actually quite good, but then i see amazing stuff loike this and im just-- -,- ehhh.

oh byah what software do you use for your art?
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whao :D I love the mood and lighting in this painting!
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Looks like the cover to a book. I love it.
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this is epic. well done to you all.
The painting is excellent but the character is what makes this picture stand out! So amazingly cool! Outstanding work!
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Love the overall composition and color scheme. The heavy presence of brown-green adds surprising depth to the whole piece.
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It's art like this that makes me want to learn and get better. Stunning work,love the light shining through the clouds and the movement being conveyed!
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Love the style, balance, and windy motion!
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Where do u take ur inspiration from?? this is truly amazing!!
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Amazing! Instant fav. :)
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This painting is by Marko Djurdjevic. [link]
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again instant fav and a watch lol
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Epic concept!!! very cool!!
Elektrosmurf's avatar
Love the colours! :heart:
Tom-the-S's avatar
Very well made.
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my new favourite image
daisukekuroneko's avatar
incredible simply incredible!!!Amazing work!!!
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Whoa... This picture is awesome. You make me hate my own character sketches, lol
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fave! no questions asked.^^
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I like the light in this picture :aww:
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Brutality to my heart!!! AWESOME

janaschi rulez
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