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more sketchessss
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you should make a video of you sketching like this. I think it would help a lot when drawing. btw, really nice sketches!!!
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This is soooooooooooooo good!!!!!
Electrical-Shock's avatar
I wish I sketched like that. :+fav:
GRafuk's avatar
i like all of it ^_____^
lstjules's avatar
I really like that down shot of the girl. It looks really good.
Myselfsama's avatar
How do you get so good at sketching people D:
LadyDeadPooly's avatar
The boy is very cute, his pose is very relaxed and natural.
aspirin111's avatar
Holy crap you're good.
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
These are some great sketches.
Seyreene's avatar
Diese Posen sind herrlich!
CoffeePowered's avatar
amazing sketches. please post more! :)
haruukunn's avatar
lol im about to go to different places with my sketch book and draw different gesture drawings!! you are very inspiring!!! keep up the good work!!!
daydreamsinc's avatar
Again, I just adore your choice of poses and perspective.
M0AI's avatar
You have such a tasteful and graceful sketching style. Very inspiring!
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Can I ask you from where do you make this sketches? I mean, do you sketch this from your mind, from people around you or from photographies? They're really wonderful! Love the movement and the expressions on these pages. (sorry for my baaaad english, but at least I try to explain what I want to say haha :woohoo:)
nekoconco's avatar
I'm loving the movement of the figure in the first page upper right corner
fabio018's avatar
I am impressed. You are very good.
AJthe90skid's avatar
the poses look so natural... how do you do it?
Aerozopher's avatar
hell load of practice
mooncalfe's avatar
love the guy with the staff.
Denoro's avatar
thank you so much for your sketches )
especially i love something like that - [link]
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