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sketches from my recent sketchbook (damn I hate that paper!)
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Lovely lines with no ref...whoa!

One day I day
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Very beautiful !!!
nice! this can help me a little
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those are very good, thank you for sharing, very helpful :)
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Your sketchbook is filled with awesome stuff. One day I hope mine is, too. I'm working on it. :)
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I like the sabretooth shaman people. I had one like that with a mammoth, t-rex, and triceratops for giants (they were like titans) and the mammoth helped the sabretooth kid go before he got eaten.
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I like portraits and some figures ^^^__^^^

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It looks like rough paper. but the sketches are amazing.
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Ooh1 Six-armed man! :')

I love the line flow of the figure in the underwear seen from the back! :D So beautiful~
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you draw like a house on fire... wait... You draw like a mothafu*n riot... wait... dangit... You draw... really well! ok.
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Das Schädel/Fellmädchen auf der rechten Seite oben ist toll... Der Blick!
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However crappy the paper is, the sketches look great! Alive and full of flow.
I bet ImagineFX would have your sketches for their sketchbook part of any issue! You should contact them =D
Also, I love seeing sketches presented in a book like this.
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no refs? WUTTT...?
no way these look great!
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I love the tribal woman's look. Great design.
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wow no references? you must of had a lot of practice
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love it! <3 the upper right face is so cool~
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wow ur sketches are just to awesome
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Excellent sketches.
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I prefere when you work on paper than digitally, beautiful lines, very very good work, thank you :)
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ein unglaublich gutes skizzenblatt! ich liebe diesen ureinwohner rechts, und wie du den knochen gezeichnet und alles schraffiert hast :heart:
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The design on the skullmask/hoods is awesome! Just love how you sketch.
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