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I think I'm not going to finish it soon (due to moving and work, busy times!) so I also can upload it here D: its already a bit older...

Thank you a lot for all your comments lately! :heart: :la:

done in Photoshop CS 3
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TheGreenSprite's avatar
Looks Like it was done in paint tool sai :)
GoldenGirl954's avatar
Nice I like the colors here
Klipiec's avatar
somehow it reminded me the story about the death of Murat ;D
Oseaan's avatar
So wonderful it makes me feel lonely. n_n
TrueSeb's avatar
Lucky one! Great job, good continuation.
xtranho's avatar
It reminds me of David's 'Death of Marat'
Ari-M1A1's avatar
Nice modern look at the scene! =)
liangmsun's avatar
WA~its great~!!
gousman's avatar
vaga79's avatar
nice colors!
Ashotguntoyourhead's avatar
Ha he doesn't even see it coming in love it
sebastiandelinca's avatar
make me remember the asesination of marat
greenfroggies's avatar
I like the sketchy element in it, even if that is 'unfinished'. Particularly in the farther background.
greenfroggies's avatar
Ok, maybe not the tap =P
Figit090's avatar
saw a nice calm bath and couple then..the knife. hahaha. nice work.
SimonSeesFairies's avatar
I looove it!! I love the scene the tension and it looks incredibly good!!
morenokyla's avatar
Love, luv, LUV it!
Necronoise's avatar
Explain to me the scene.
KuyaD's avatar
I can't tell if she's going to murder him with the knife or if she's taking the knife away from him to stop him from killing himself. Or maybe she just came from the kitchen and never put it down. So much mystery!
kaseylsnow's avatar
Just lovely. The way you composed this scene and the realistic rendering of lighting is what really gets me.
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