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Moaar collab

By janaschi
My third collab with *algenpfleger

So basically we did this one because... we wanted to do something with multiple boobs after seeing this video -> [link]

Since there was a lot of recurring questions, here's some bla:
We painted this together in front of the same computer with the same (single) tablet, just taking turns every other minute.
Done in Photoshop CS3, without refs, mostly on a single layer except for textures and such in the end, hummmmm time was about 12-15 hours. We started in greyscale because we were too lazy to figure out colors and composition at the same time. :'D

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Wow i could go on all day thinking about this beautiful multiboobed beauty

Awesome pic. I'm wondering where you got your inspiration from, cos the first thing that came to mind was Clotho from God of War II :3
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great stuff added it to my tumblr blog [link]
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Can you imagine the bra you'd need!? My goodness! Hahaha Beautiful job!
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beautiful the best seen in the deviant
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I can't even begin to analyze this. is the a slave or a queen? is this a prison or a throne?
I'm going to spend a while checking out the 'steps' dev you posted to see how this developed, maybe i can get some insights from there (thank you for that, BTW).

the video you linked to has been removed, what was it of?
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Love the details. And yes I am mature enough to look past her..uh..boobies. .........actually Im not. BOOBIES!!!
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Your YouTube link doesn't work anymore.
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Very creepy but cool. Kind of makes me think of a humanoid version of an insectile queen - like she's being held captive, breeding workers/soldiers. Weird. ^_^ Beaituful work, though.
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My love of motorboating has come to bite me in the ass.
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Looks like one of them Hindi Fertility Goddesses. :noes:
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сто процентов,многосиса существует...
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haha, this is awesome!
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I've no idea what's going on, but I like it.
i have no idea what that is, but looks awsome
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the play of light and shadow is gorgous!
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