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Katia steps

some step by steps for YBourykina portrait from life :)
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Amazing!!! What program do you use?
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Klasse - Vielen Dank, dass wir mitverfolgen dürfen, wie diese tolle Persönlichkeitsdarstellung
(weit mehr als ein Portrait) entstand! :worship:
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You make it look so have an incredible talent and one hell of an eye for color!
Malaux's avatar
Outstanding. I gotta ask. How long does the process take?
MaxHitman's avatar
I like the added sparkling effects. Very imaginative for a portrait.
Excellent painting!

SesoulWhite's avatar
Wow interesting !!!!
Carlsbergensis's avatar
Very nicely done.
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Really cool to the progress of the pieces, thanks for posting these :)
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does her hair sparkle like that IRL? :D :) lovely
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Beautiful! I really like the end result, and it's interesting to see the process, and how the background colour choice made a difference. :)
janaschi's avatar
Yeah it can make a huge difference :) Thank you!
jessrobley's avatar
You're welcome! :)
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I went to university with Katia! You nailed her spot on! She's such a pretty girl inside and out. : )
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Cool! This world is small isnt it?? :)
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incredible work! really amazing!
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Inspiring! Such beautiful work! :D
ButtZilla's avatar
How did you smoothed out the rough brush edges, like the strokes? thanks
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Either I paint over it with more brush strokes or I use an airbrush :) Just make sure you keep the hard edges 
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I love this. * - * Hopefully I can learn a bit if I stare long enough....!
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doing stuff from life its easier as people think it is! *_* thank you!
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