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Griffith Berserk

By janaschi
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Here is a Berserk fanart of Griffith because I simply love that manga <3 so good! I hate Griffith but at the same time his character is so well done :D Hes really interesting.
Painted in Photoshop CS6.
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© 2016 - 2021 janaschi
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Great piece! Love Berserk

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Loving the white hair^^
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i feel some yoshitaka amano influence... love it
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why does this remind me of Vladimir Putin... props tho, i love Berserk
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I'm not sure if anyone has said so but I s2g this looks like the kid of Prince Leer and Amalthia from The Last Unicorn.
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Oooh excellent work on Griffith! The behelit gives me the creeps haha, nice job! 
I think he's a great villain; it's easy to hate him but he's not your typical bad guy, he had depth yknow?
you tell out something right
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I can't wait for the day Guts breaks this fucker's face, as well as the rest of him.
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You, me, and the rest of the fandom are waiting for that day.
Im waiting so long~~~~Im waiting so long~~~~~
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 Griffith did nothing wrong 
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Are. . .you. . .are. . .you kidding? In order to become a 'god', Griffith rewrote reality, sacrificed the rest of the Hawks, personally betrayed Guts and let Casca be raped so badly her mind collapsed onto itself leaving her in a near permanent catatonic state.

While what Griffith went though was bad, his actions afterwards can never be justified.
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yup he did nothing wrong
Damn you must be a very interesting person haha.And im Griffith's fangirl
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Stunning work! *^*
Griffith the knight, the stoic determination in his eyes, determined to attain Godhood NO MATTER WHATWink/Razz it takes. An inspiring level of determination <3 Wonderful Rendition <3
just love this description。
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Simply beautiful. My guy <3
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I love this look for Griffith. Feminine yet believably male.
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love hate situation, i just want.... i dont know, maybe suffer the same destiny that Gutts suffer  
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Holy crap this is stunning. He's my favorite character from Beserk :D
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