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Garrett Steps

Here are some steps I saved of a portrait I did. sorry its not really a tutorial and some people complained a bit that it doesnt show enough..but thats the only steps I have because I usually drop everything on one layer while working :0 At least its something after so many people asked me how I work on these portraits. :)

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all of your portraits are majestic!
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It's interesting to see that you don't paint the pattern on the shirt until you're done with the folds. :-)
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Step 1 to step 2 is pretty insane :U
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I enjoyed seeing your process; I would love to see a time lapse video of one of your paintings.
Kusterland's avatar
Seeing this makes it look kinda possible...
but its not. :(
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How..did you make that  shirt look so real!? Fav artist.
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Amazing portrait, Love to see the process!
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this is so good. cool of you to show your steps
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Jump in finish from step one to two doesn't make a lot of sense, haha. "Block in some tone... and then BE AMAZING" love it. You're killing it lately. Your work is great.
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:iconcuriosityplz: A question: Did you use different layers for each part {like eyes, head, hair, bg, shirt etc.} or just as few as possible?
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Nice!, very natural!, congratulations!
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Amazing, thank you for this!
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ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! this will go to my favorites!
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how... the helll do you do that? please, make a video tutorial \o/
cool shirt! hahaha
great artwork! :)
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haha it really doesn't explain much, but it's still super interesting (and awe-inspiring...) to see how your process works, so thank you very much for uploading! Your art is absolutely stunning :)
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really cool, thanks for uploading a process.
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master, i like your styles!
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It's good enough, thanks
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