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Portrait of my friend :iconperiosrosentwyg: °_____°/

It was so much fun to paint her :>

Done in photoshop CS3

edit: Its from life, no photoreference used :)
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she is pretty. would like to see a real her too!! :)
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This is just great and the details in the background make it perfect?
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siick, great job
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i was wondering if you know anyone willing to paint a photoshop portrait of me (i need it) and I have zero artistic talent in portraits...btw..this painting is BEAUTIFUL!!!

~~~ anyways let me knowww i'd greatly appreciate it!
beautiful! what materials did you use?
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Esta re guapa¿''
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lovely . great .................. amazing
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hermoso trabajo.
=) felicitaciones.! decime.. q tipos de brushes usas? :D
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my roommates were like --> :jawdrop:
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you are a master !!!
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I really love the way you paint hair. All piecy and.. stuff.
From life, FTW!
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Oh, I am a sucker for realism. I would have said this was photorealistic, but you referenced the real thing, negating the need of the photograph.

If I might ask, how long did this take?
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Photorealistic means the rendering is so realistic it looks like a photo, it has nothing to do with what kind of reference was used.
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I was under the impression that the Photorealists specifically used photographs as references for their artwork, though. I might have my information wrong, though. Certainly happens often enough. :\
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Hmm, my mistake - it seems you are correct. Although I've heard the term used quite loosely.
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Hey, the first time I heard the term "photorealistic" being used to describe something, it was my art teacher talking about a piece I had done in a drawing class. The whole point of the assignment was that we were supposed to draw a still life in person, with no outside references at all. So, I can only assume that the word has taken on the meaning of anything that could be mistaken for a photograph because of it's depth of realism.

In retrospect, that drawing wasn't THAT photo-like, certainly not compared to this picture we're commenting under.
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So natural! That's great!
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This is amazing, your style is UNIQUE!!!!!!!
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awesome job my friend...
well done...

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gorgeous work!
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Absolutely beautiful. The way you painted her skin in a rough, yet detailed way is really impressing.

Also, you really have talent when it comes to drawing hair. It looks so soft and real. It's almost as you can feel the straws just by looking at them.

I've got to say, you truly captured the model's soul with this painting here.
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