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La Belle Dame Sans Merci


Art inspired by the poem (La Belle Dame Sans Merci) by John Keats.

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One of my favourite PreRaph paintings. I love your work.

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Just beautiful 😍

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This looks absolutely gorgeous!

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That is very beautiful!
Magnificent. Truly divine
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Wonderful art! :clap:
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Wonderful take on the classic image. Everything about it feels dreamlike.
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I love that poem and this fits it beautifully!
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So much love for your fancy style! :)
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I really like your style, so detailed and carefully drawn, really adds to the magic of the picture.
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Thank you! I'm glad you like my style :hug:
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"And there she lullèd me asleep,
      And there I dreamed—Ah! woe betide!—
The latest dream I ever dreamt
      On the cold hill side."
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The simplification is amazing!
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