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Celsius 13 - Funeral in Low-East-Halcyon by Jan-Wes Celsius 13 - Funeral in Low-East-Halcyon by Jan-Wes

I'm drawing a three piece about funeral practices on Celsius 13 right now. Here is the first one, as well as some flavor text ;)

Originally, the first colonists on Celsius 13 brought with them the funeral procedures that were most common while traveling the stars. The deceased were usually preserved for on-planet burial or cremation. Some wished to be jettisoned into the void, harking back towards old earths' burials at sea.
Very constrained resources made lavish festivities uncommon and reserved for the truly beloved and important. 
However, soon after the Colony had been left to its own devices after the Exodus, population growth was left unchecked and an unbound city quickly devoured the surrounding, half terraformed tundra. 
It's outer rims crept wide, even miles in a year, always in rythm with the short warm season the frigid sun granted. Outwards from the old core districts on the other hand, construction soon pierced through layers of smog and clouds, allowing rich patrons a gasping breath of fresh air.
But where to bury your dead when open ground is now miles and miles away? Where to burn them, when a thousand stories above you still there is no sky? New customs started forming from necessity. Some lineages, even whole districts, retained fragments of their earth heritage and
you can still see those shine through, despite the centuries. Others formed themselves, minted by the environment of the district it's practicioners inhabit.

First example:


The fungus farms of district Low-East-Halcyon are at the center of all it's inhabitants daily lives. It's a Ring-120 district. Like a on a tree, the Cities' growth can be traced by counting the rings of districts it adds on each year. This one was established almost four centuries ago, making it one
of the oldest districts. It's also a groundlevel district. Above it are stories upon stories more construction, thus shrouding it in a perpetual twilight. On the upside, this situation means the average temperatures even in the ripping cold winters of Celsius 13 are degrees higher then the upper levels.
Ideal conditions to cultivate all kinds of fungus. They provide for a whole host of basic needs of the city. The people caring for the fungus, in typical C-13 fashion, accumulate as much knowledge about farming it as possible. Then they make sure no one else ever learns their secrets; by all means necessary.
Thus made indispensible, long uninterrupted lineages of Low-East-Halcyon bloodlines survived the ages. This district has flourished ever since its foundation and in turn, the inhabitants have formed their culture around it. 
Their funeral rites pay respect to what supports them daily. When a member of one of the Halcyon-families dies, a procession of their beloved and their farmhands carries them atop their shoulders towards the dehydration chambers. Once arrived, the body is cleansed ritualy and sprayed with clear spirits.
Accompanied by low drums, slow rhythmic dances are performed while the deceased is dehydrated into dust. His water is collected in large ritual flasks, which, once they are filled, will be emptied into the hydration tanks for the growth-chambers, while his dust is spread as fertilizer atop the fungus itself.

deerbard Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Nate0097 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist
wooooow *o*
SethAthos Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can't wait for the 2 other ones ! I think you did an awesome job drawing this scene . I love the spatial organisation of the scene (the 2 points-perspective take a great part in it I think :D )  ,the atmosphere is on point, the characters have distinct design even though they all wear the funeral outfit. Also , the boy at the right of the forefront is in trouble isn't he ? Did he let fall one of the ritual flasks ? :D
Anyway , I am charmed by this piece , you just got a new fan !
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