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Celsius 13 - Farmer

By Jan-Wes
Hello folks,
This is an Illustration for my personal project Celsius 13. The dude is a farmer taking a break, and his kid is fixing his prosthetic limb. I am planning on doing a little cycle of illustrations depicting the agrarian sector of Celsius 13 and this is the first one.
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© 2015 - 2021 Jan-Wes
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:headbang: :stupidme::stupidme::stupidme::stupidme: :squee::squee: Great Artwork :squee::squee: :stupidme::stupidme: Amazing :stupidme::stupidme::stupidme::stupidme: :stupidme:

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stunning piece. I love his expression, so thankiful for the lil one fixing his arm.
I've been going thru yours Celsius 13 illustrations and really would love this world come to life!
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I'm loving the lighting here. Very tender. Thank you for showing us your talent :)
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This is so freaking beautiful I could cry.
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I'm happy to see, that it's getting such a strong reaction :)
There is no better praise!
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lights, technique, style, characters, storytelling, all is here, very good one !
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that lighting.. <3
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Thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate it :)
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I am amazed by your use of lighting, it is beautiful and so, so inspiring! La la la la 
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Congratz on making Amazing Fantasy Artists Featured Top Ten! The texture and story in this piece are great!
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Thanks :) thats nice of you
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Gorgeous lighting.   Gorgeous technique overall.  
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details are amazing, the scenes too. I love this.
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This is so adorable!
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Cool! I like how you work with color to highlight points of interest.
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Brilliant! It's like Rockwell science fiction.
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He certainly is one of my inspirations! ^^
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I love the farmers expression! Really nice work :)
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