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Parkour Desktop by JaMvIsdaRaVa Parkour Desktop :iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 0 1
Words of Encouragement
Words of Encouragement - James Davis
Maybe if I don't look...
it won't exist.
Maybe if I don't write...
it won't exist.
Maybe if I don't hear...
it won't exist.
But it will exist.
Hiding doesn't solve a problem
it makes it wose.
Running doesn't help your problem
it makes it worse.
lying won't fix a problem
it makes it worse.
Denial won't cure your disease
it makes it worse.
Only you can save yourself.
Change your habit
or it will change you
Change your surroundings
or they will change you.
Change the world around you
or it will change you
Change your thoughts
before they change you.
Change your situation, or your situation will change you.
Believe in yourself
this gives you strength
Keep your head high
this gives you strength
Search for the good within the bad
this gives you strength
Reach for the stars with your whole heart
this is strength.
Hope is power
Power is strength
With strength comes will
Will is the power to use your strength to keep hope alive.
Never give up hope.
:iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 0 1
L.O.V.E. by JaMvIsdaRaVa L.O.V.E. :iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 0 2 Bleach - Bleed Black Butterfly by JaMvIsdaRaVa Bleach - Bleed Black Butterfly :iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 0 4
Moment - James Davis
Who is to say how long a moment lasts?
Whether it be just a minute, or an entire past.
If only for a moment, I could re-live my best days...
If only for a moment, I could make amends for my ways...
Oh how I wish I could be flawless
and have never messed up any of this.
But the hand is dealt and the cards must play.
I've got to live my life day by day.
I'll live for the moment and forget every regret,
and push ahead in blind faith rather than fret.
There's too much to do and too many places to see
There's so much I haven't done, and so much of me...
So much I haven't understood about myself
that I could never find out from anyone else.
Self discovery and inner peace
are what I want for my release.
If only for a moment, I want to know who I really am
If only for a moment, I want to know the truth behind the man.
There has to be so much more
than what I've been reaching for
And I'll find it, because that's what I resolve
I'll know myself, and all those I involve.
:iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 0 1
Kyuubi Rasengan by JaMvIsdaRaVa Kyuubi Rasengan :iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 6 3 Gaara - Layout by JaMvIsdaRaVa Gaara - Layout :iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 0 1
KZ Love
KZ Love - James Davis
She came back today...
I sent her a simple 'hey'
She replied in a display of wit
and we proceeded to talk a bit.
Another all nighter, refusal to sleep
I'd cut the convo, but we were in too deep.
I may lose sleep but I gain so much more.
My inspiration, my zeal... these were dead before.
She's a phoenix to my muse, a trigger to my will.
I'd become apathetic, but again I could feel...
I know I shouldn't hope for more, so I won't
but I know I can't stop myself, so I don't.
To love, and not be in love is a great wonder...
it inspires me, but keeps me from going under.
So I'll continue with the laughs and witty banter
and, for now, simply allow my heart to canter
because I know I can't stay still...
I love her and I always will
:iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 1 11
New Desktop by JaMvIsdaRaVa New Desktop :iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 0 1 Kage Naruto No Jutsu by JaMvIsdaRaVa Kage Naruto No Jutsu :iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 1 8
Beautiful October
"Beautiful October" - James Davis
Nine months have come and past. From bud, to bloom, and decay.
The tenth month will will do the same, though i wish it could stay.
Leaves litter the ground as a crisp earthen floor,
and the wind blows through the hair of lovers, whispering "a'more".
The wind dances and kicks up leaves in it's jubilee,
turning, spinning, and cavorting in a dance no one can see.
The colors fade from greed to red, orange and yellow
as the leaves decend from tree above to ground below.
putting on a marvelous show for the world to enjoy
and offering solace to every man, woman, girl and boy.
the barren trees appear dead, but reach to the sky to be born again.
They'll bloom once more in spring to give resilliance to the wind.
Nature takes it's course, mother earth takes her nap
the squirelles take their rest as a child in a mother's lap.
the world sleeps, and humanity begins education anew,
allowing progression and growth to continue.
The world rests, and all feels right in t
:iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 1 10
IM Love
IM Love -- James Davis
We talked again last night
from moon rise to morning light.
We spoke of our days, our worries, our regrets.
we spoke of our past and things that haven't happened yet.
It's amazing how a simple conversation can make my heart race,
or how it makes me feel to imagine her smiling face.
Ir's love, I know. I've been here so many times before.
it's the same, but different... like the same room but a different door.
This time, it's so much more pleasant, no need to hide
or lie or cover up these things I feel inside.
It's not the same, no... It'll never be that way again.
I've learned so much more than I knew back then.
I can't go back to the way I once was
because now I've finally got a just cause.
She's worth the time and devotion, though she may not think it so....
if only the distance between us were shorter, I'd ler her know.
It's possible this is all the relationship will amount to,
just a pile of poems, seemingly written from the blue.
if nothing else, I'll have a
:iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 0 9
LD Love
LD Love -- James Davis
So many emotions stir inside
but none show through my natural pride.
Too proud to admit
that I want to commit
to yet another girl
who's become a goddess in my world.
We talk all night until the crack of dawn,
until the sun peeks and the birds yawn.
We speak of love, life, philosophy and things,
plans for the future, and of cabbages and kings.
Her mind is what draws me deeper and deeper in,
not her physical beauty or properties of the skin.
Talking with her is a treat in it's own right,
why else would I talk to her all night?
I love to hear her comments and thoughts
it's an intellectual gathering, teach and be taught.
I'd gladly give her my heart....
if we weren't so damn far apart.
Life's a cruel irony that way,
offering fleeting happiness, never to stay.
Too bad she's so one of a kind,
otherwise I wouldn't so much mind
letting her go and finding someone else...
too bad I cant return something of such value to the shelf.
With time, all wounds will heal
but there'
:iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 2 20
MY NEW DESKTOP by JaMvIsdaRaVa MY NEW DESKTOP :iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 0 8 My latest desktop creation by JaMvIsdaRaVa My latest desktop creation :iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 0 5
Fallen Angel
            Fallen Angel                                    -- James Davis
A beautiful angel, so tender and spry
once soared through the heavens, now plucked from the sky.
To have her purity stolen, her confidence broken
to have her life shattered and her heart shaken.
This little angle knelt with plucked wings
and drooping halo, sobbing softly over her broken dreams.
Everything she loved had been torn asunder
and now everyone left was pulling her under
Her waking hours were filled with ache and pain
and her sleep would not leave her where she'd lain.
She was tormented by horrendous nightmares
and plagued by unforgiving stares
and just as she reached her low,
an arrow sang from Cupid's bow
and struck her with the chance of finding joy
in the loving a
:iconjamvisdarava:JaMvIsdaRaVa 0 15

Random Favourites

me2 by the-nobodies me2 :iconthe-nobodies:the-nobodies 2 18
'Lift Me Up'
As I look up into the skys above
This pain inside I've had enough
I ask the angels to set me free
To take me away from this misery
But not a one answers, not even a sound
You could hear a needle hit the ground
So left in this hell
Of where I dwell
Waiting one day
To be taken away
By an angel, with a beauty beyond reality
Lift me up, show me my fantasy
Encirlce me, carry me up
Let us leave this place, we've had enough
Let's find our dreams
As we lay under the moons beam
You've taken my pain
No longer does it rain
In my heart
Lies no more dark
You've brought to me
Something I thought I could never see
As wel lay amongst the clouds, up in the sky
Oh the ecstasy, I'm getting high
Through the night and forever more
I share my love, with the one I adore
The very one, graceful as a dove
That very beauty, that lifted me up
:iconccisoldier:CCISoldier 2 8
Mature content
How And Why :icongothheartedfox:GothHeartedFox 3 8
Grown Shippou by FireCatRich Grown Shippou :iconfirecatrich:FireCatRich 304 49
Three Years of Eight Months
Three years ago from the day we first met,
I knew you were someone I would never forget,
When we first spoke you were the sweetest guy,
I just couldn't tell you, for I was too shy,
The smile on your face slowly began to fade,
But the warmth in your eyes surley stayed,
You've been through alot these past few years,
Baby, Don't worry, Im here to dry your tears,
Your face has changed from all of your pain,
yet we still remember our kiss in the rain,
Moments so dear to me, I'll always remember,
Most of all the month of September,
The past few months we've learned to cope,
Finding new and better signs of hope,
Helping our relationship be as magical as it can be,
And finding new paths for a stronger you and me,
You can't solve anything by hiding the past,
We need to stay together for our relationship to last,
Why should we leave all we have behind,
When life holds so much more for us to find,
I love you more than I did at the start,
And I truly know that you are greatest bearer for my heart.
:iconmltamf:mltamf 1 2
Prey ID by kitteeisme Prey ID :iconkitteeisme:kitteeisme 2 6 Your Angel by kittynn Your Angel :iconkittynn:kittynn 1,395 434 Ctrl Alt Delete by kitteeisme Ctrl Alt Delete :iconkitteeisme:kitteeisme 2 9



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Favourite cartoon character: Uh.... Pilz-e!
Personal Quote: "Intelligent conversation seems to be a dying memory amongst my contemporaries"
I've had a new poem up for the past... month?

And I've only had two hits.

That's sad.



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