Mockup of Novus for Windows 8

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I thought that I might as well tease you guys with a mockup that I've been working on:

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Looks neat,

still prefer some things in the original xp design:
- brighter (azure?) light blue color
- more ruby red
- slightly sharper edges (or corners and buttons)
- The small squares in the middle could blend more with the background

Ofc this is just what I prefer (since I want it to look as close to Novus for XP as possible).

Hope it is ok that I give feedback here, even if its named "Mockup of Novus for Windows 8" instead of "Mockup of Novus for Windows 10".
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To be fair, this is just a mockup which I made in an hour. So if I were to develop it, it would've looked different than this anyway (colours, corners, etc). And with a version for a new OS, I don't want to copy what I've done already for a different OS. I'd want it to look and feel different so that it feels fresh and new. That's why I wanted it to look different than the previous version of Novus.

Plus, I always found that the squares on the original Novus lacked contrast. For this, I had a whole different idea in mind than what is shown in the mockup. I wanted the bright part to kinda explode towards the darker part.

Time will tell if I'll make this for Windows 10. All depends on how much I'll like Windows 10's skin and how theme-able it'll be.
Ok, golding my thumbs then :)
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Somehow I forgot to comment on this! Looks really nice, but any chance of a Windows 7 version if you're not going to be actively using Windows 8? Any news since it's been a few months?
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Windows 7 looks good enough to me so there's no reason for me to make a skin for it :P
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Have you had any progress since the post?
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Nope, sorry. I don't have Windows 8 yet.
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Any chance of a silver--*is suddenly pulled away by an off-stage hook*
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Contacted the deviantART helpdesk to ask them if they could help me with a silver monkey. In other words: ENJOY YOUR BAN, BIATCH!

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That looks freaking excellent. Will it ever be released?
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Thanks! Not sure yet because I'm not going to make WIndows 8 my main OS :P
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That's a shame. There aren't many good visual styles for 8, and the standard one looks a bit plain. Novus for XP kicked ass, it would be great to have a similar theme in 8 ;)
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That's why I wanted to make one, haha. I don't like the default visual style of Windows 8. But I'm not going to install Windows 8 just to make a visual style for it, haha :P Then I'd have to make it in a VM.
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Too bad. Win8 really needs a proper VS ;)
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That's true, haha :P
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That looks sweet Jam... I mean Gelosea :P Really nice. love to have it on 7 :D
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That's really nice.
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Hope this will be possible ;)
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Nice, that looks pretty cool.
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