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Watercolor Emico: Ergo Blue

Watercolor Emico: Ergonomic Blue

So.. almost a year after I've started working on this skin the 1st style is finally done. This version contains the Blue substyles with a "Modern" and a "Classic" taskbar.
This skin is based on the skin called "Watercolor". It's a skin that was being used in the beta's of XP.

I wanted to make my own skin so tornado5 aka em3 told me that I should try and make a new version of Watercolor.
This is the outcome.


How to install:

Extract the folder called "WE Ergo" to "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes".
Right click the desktop > properties > appearance > then from the first drop select "Watercolor Emico: Ergonomic Blue"
From the 2nd drop downlist you can make a choice between the "Modern" and the "Classic" taskbar.
In the 3rd drop downlist you can make a choice between a "Normal" or a "Compact" start panel.

To use this theme you need to patch the Windows system file uxtheme.dll. You can read about how to do that here: [link]

"bugs" I know of:
* Some palet frames arent drawn the correct way. (Now idea how to fix this yet)
* In some webbrowsers the buttons might be resized the wrong way. (Browser bug)
* Multi row taskbar does not look good in the Modern substyle. (Theme)

For personal use only.


Bug fixes and updates:

- Changed the orange on the buttons
- Changed the orange on the tabs
- Changed the orange on the checkboxes
- Changed the orange on the radiobuttons
- Removed some gloss in the flash button. There was a bit to much gloss in that button compared to the others.

- Added the shellstyle


Wallpaper used in the preview is Vplants X3 029 by DJMattRicks



If you feel like contributing to this skin with application skins then go ahead and make them. All you have to do is ask me for permission by email with a screenshot.
My email address is:

For more info about further progress, application skins etc. read the journal that I've made on deviantART: Watercolor Emico: Further progress and info



Credits go out to all the beta testers.
Credits also go out to tornado5 aka em3.
Thanks to Des and Scirwode for helping me out with the shellstyles.
Thanks to euphoricallydead for notifying me about some bugs after the first release.


Please give me some feedback about the skin.
© 2008 - 2021 Jamush
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I wish these existed for Windows 10 :)
Jamush's avatar
They were made with Windows XP in mind. These themes wouldn't be the same on Windows 10.
Still, would be great to see you back at theming :)
Jamush's avatar
Haha, thanks! Though, with how Windows 10's theming engine now works I don't know where to begin. Plus I'm too busy with my studies 😜 
CheezeyGaming's avatar
Please, Please Port this to windows 7, as windows xp is out of support :(
Jamush's avatar
For me Windows 7 is out of support because I'm using Windows 8.1. The theme was made only for XP though :)
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Dj-Maz's avatar
awesome concept !
Jamush's avatar
It's more than just a concept though, it's an actual finished product :)
Tiido's avatar
I've been using this on my Win98SE machine forever, easily my favorite theme :D
Jamush's avatar
LOL, through Windowblinds? XD Thanks!
Tiido's avatar
Nope, through Revolutions Pack 9.x (fairly recent and much more powerful)
Jamush's avatar
Ah, alright. Did they pack my theme with the app?
Tiido's avatar
Yes, it seems to be like that. There is few more themes in the setup, and they're probably all altered slightly to work correctly since its not interpreting things 1:1 to XP.
Jamush's avatar
Yeah, I saw when I extracted the setup. Made a forum post on MSFT as well since I never gave permission to use my theme like that :P
Tiido's avatar
oh man, I thought I let a hell loose...
I am very thankful that you gave permission to be in there, it is one of the best themes in the pack (which is why I have been using it haha).
Jamush's avatar
Haha, I wouldn't be an ass about it since it's been released several years ago. It would have been a different story if it was a new theme :P And np! :)
Leichnam's avatar
This series is exceptionally beautiful!
Jamush's avatar
AlphaOmega2k's avatar
Excellent theme!
I am using it for a very long time and want to thank you for creating that ;-)
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